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My Safety First – A presidential no-show

Nov 1st, 2011 | By

It has always been clear in my mind that the many ills of Ukraine are not the cause of a major sporting event which is slated for 2012, but the European Football championships have clearly drawn attention to the countless problems which exist in contemporary Ukrainian society. Every nation has its problems, in some, it…

Chornobyl: A Global Issue

Apr 29th, 2011 | By

Chornobyl became a global issue from day one, even though the Soviet  authorities issued a short statement about the accident only two days later, after radiation levels set off alarms at a nuclear power plant in Sweden. Even then, the Kremlin in Moscow did not give any details concerning this disaster and attempted to conceal its magnitude, which created general apprehension and uncertainty in the world.

Chornobyl’s destructive power, which swiftly transcended European borders, made the international community realize that immediate access to honest, accurate and consistent information is a global right, and its timely dissemination – an obligation to which nations are now held responsible in the all-important arena of public opinion. During his visit of the Chornobyl site six days ago, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki‑moon pushed for new international standards that would hold countries accountable for nuclear safety and stressed the need for “full transparency.”

Ukraine’S Strategic Security – On A Crossroad Between Democracy And Neutrality

Nov 24th, 2006 | By

Over the past 15 years Ukraine has certainly become a much freer nation than many of its former Soviet neighbors. Yet, as this year’s events have demonstrated, the point of no return in the transition toward a sustainable democracy has not been passed. Elements of authoritarian culture are still preserved inside a number of institutions, notably, the security sector. There are powerful forces in the region working to undo the nascent democracy. The latter’s very institutional structure is as yet too incomplete to be immune from these challenges.