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Presentation at a Meeting with the PACE Co-Rapporteurs Hanne Severinsen and Renate Wohlwend

Feb 21st, 2006 | By

The biggest change seen in Ukraine over the year following the Orange Revolution is the move from illusions to disillusionment.  The overwhelming majority of promises made to the people on Maidan by political leaders have not been kept.  Obviously in one year it would be impossible to achieve all that was planned. However, unfortunately, the further into the past the Revolution recedes, the further we move from the keeping of these promises. There have even been negative developments in comparison with the first months after the Revolution.  I would not say that the country is slipping back into Kuchmism, and most likely there will be no repeat of what it was like then.  The situation is more reminiscent of a return to the days of the Presidency under Kravchuk in 1994.

History of “Maidan”: In the beginning was the word… (part I)

Dec 5th, 2005 | By

However there was a solution to be found where least expected. Ukraine was saved by civic activists and the Internet. This is the story of the website “Maidan” and the group involved in it. It is the story of the democratic evolution of Ukraine.

‘De-Kuchmization’ of the Entire Country Needed

Jan 2nd, 2005 | By

The events of November and December 2004 have set new problems before Ukrainian society. Decision regarding those problems cannot be postponed. We inivte all insterested parties to comment on this article. Your input is much appreciated.