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Europe’s Sado-Masochistic Approach to Ukraine or Desperate Measures of a Desparate Bandit

Jan 7th, 2014 | By

Vasyl Pawlowsky for Maidan Monitoring January 6, 2014 The line in the sand was drawn over a month ago when special Berkut forces decended upon peaceful protesters on Kyiv’s Independence Square, also know as Maidan Nezalezhnosti. In the last forty-eight hours the powers that be have upped the ante by employing tactics similar to the…

Traffic police deployed against EuroMaidan protesters

Jan 3rd, 2014 | By

03.01.14 | Halya Coynash Ukraine’s traffic police are as notorious as the country’s roads, and both are best avoided. This is not an option for people taking part in the EuroMaidan peaceful protests, not only because many come to Kyiv from other parts of the country. The traffic police have been widely used to prevent…

Euromaidan Democracy Movement in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Elects Delegates to National Forum to Be Held 11-12 January, 2014

Dec 31st, 2013 | By

Participants of the growing popular democracy movement in Ukraine called Euromaidan held a public town hall meeting in a square in downtown Kharkiv, Ukraine, on December 29th. Nearly a thousand people braved cold winter weather to gather to vote to elect delegates to a national Euromaidan meeting to be held in this eastern Ukrainian city on January 11-12, 2014, in a sign that the huge protests in Ukraine’s capital since November had their counterparts in other large cities throughout the country.

An Appeal to Colleagues and All People of Good Will

Dec 29th, 2013 | By

For more than a month there has been a peaceful protest in Ukraine. It began as a demonstration for the European choice of the country, and continued as a nationwide protest against the excesses of the current government. Ukrainians want to live in a free democratic country without corruption, without lies, without violence. Independence Square…

Tetyana Chornovol Exposes her Attackers

Dec 26th, 2013 | By

26.12.13 | Halya Coynash Tetyana Chornovol has exposed many corrupt dealings and crimes by those holding high office in Ukraine.  It is likely she has also helped to expose the men who savagely attacked her in the early hours of Dec 25 and left her for dead. Two men have been arrested in connection with…

Ukrainian World Congress strongly condemns violent attacks on journalist and EuroMaidan activists

Dec 26th, 2013 | By

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is shocked by the startling attacks on journalist Tetyana Chornovol and co-organizor of the peaceful EuroMaidan in Kharkiv Dmytro Pylypets that are deliberate attempts to scare or punish journalists and activists of antigovernment actions in Ukraine.According to media reports, during the night of 24 December 2013 journalist Tetyana Chornovol was pursued…

Ukrainians in Australia call on Australian Government to  condemn  violent attack on journalist and ongoing reprisals

Dec 26th, 2013 | By

The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO) strongly condemns the current abhorrent wave of terror and violence  being applied to the  Ukrainian European supporters in Ukraine. Over past days bloodied demonstrations of reprisals against , journalists, civil society activists, including Tatiana CHORNOVOL and Dmytro PYLYPETS  convincingly argue that the Ukrainian Government regime and  their ‘foot…

Coordinator of #Euromaidan #Kharkiv attacked – four knife wounds

Dec 24th, 2013 | By

About 21.00 on Ivanova street one of the coordinators of the Kharkiv Euromaidan Dmitry Pylypets was attacked by two people. According to Pylypets, he was beaten and stabbed four times.

Arson suspected in the destruction of a #Euromaidan minibus – Organizers start fundraiser

Dec 13th, 2013 | By

The bus was transporting the equipment (generator, sound amplifiers, loudspeakers, etc.) and the warming clothes and insulation to be sent for protesters in Kyiv. It has no symbols of #Euromaidan visible.