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UWC Calls upon President Viktor Yanukovych to Stop Anti-Ukrainian Actions in Odesa

Jul 23rd, 2011 | By

The UWC also called for an urgent investigation and a stop to the Russification occurring in Odesa, particularly the repudiation of the only state language in the municipal administration and education system, the full observance by the Odesa television station ATV of the applicable Ukrainian broadcasting legislation, the cessation of anti-Ukrainian propaganda which promotes hostility, and the guarantee of respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms in Odesa.

What Constitutional Court of Ukraine is doing other than refusing citizens and opposition?

Jun 12th, 2011 | By
Building of Constitutional Court. That is where 48 cases a year are being reviewed

Citizens and organizations in Ukraine have a right to appeal to Constitutional Court for official interpretation of Constitution and laws. In 2003-2010 there were 2617 such appeals registered. 2446 were returned to senders for “revisions” and only in 32 cases they were accepted for legal proceedings (and 3 of them were closed later). Maidan got these…