Our Milestone Photos

Maidan.org.ua is a major on-line crowdsoured volunteer platform for and by activists; cradle of civic journalism in Ukraine. Since 2000.


December 8, 2004. During the Orange Revolution “Maidan” maintained a tent at Kyiv’s Independence square where the public could sign up to become monitors at polling stations during the rerun of the second tour of presidential elections.

Sign reads “Volunteers to observe the election rerun sign up here”

Photo by Olexander Popov


December 8, 2004. Volunteers are filling forms inside the tent. Every volunteer was provided with a set of phone numbers to texts news from polling stations to. Maidan texted important updates to volunteers via mobile phones from the site. Man in gray hat in the back: Anatoly Bondarenko who invented and implemented the idea.

Photo by Olexander Popov


November 25, 2004. Maidan website startpage during the Orange Revolution. Lists hotlines for communication and legal documents for election observers.

Screenshot from the Internet Achive.


July 20, 2006. An open mic at Kyiv’s Independence square allowed members of public to voice their opinions on the ongoing political crisis. The most insightful comments were published at Maidan’t site.

The sign reads “Free microphone”.

Photo by Vlada Yaroslavska


July 26, 2006. Kyiv’s Independence square. Maidan Leaders Serge Danylov, political scientist and Olexander Severyn, lawyer near the tent setup by Maidan to collect signatures under the petition to the President to dismiss corrupt Parliament. About 10000 signatures were collected both online and in this tent.

The sign reads “Collecting the signatures”.

Photo by Vlada Yaroslavska


November 22, 2006. Banner in Kyiv’s downtown. Maidan conducted Ukraine’s biggest civic lobbying campaign involving 340 NGOs to nominate a nonpartisan human rights activist for Ukrainian Ombudsman. He was nominated but not elected. Nomination was preceded by a series of press-conferences in 18 Ukrainian cities broadcasted via Maidan’s on-line forum. The nominee Evgen Zakharov was distributing samizdat literature since early childhood.

The sign reads “Zakharov for Ombudsman”.

Photo by Sergiy Dibrov


Since 2011 we operate a Facebook page which gains popularity. Screenshot of 9 June 2013.


September 8, 2012. Kharkiv. Maidan’s architect Natalka Zubar and software engineer Vitaly Novikov are working on the parliamentary election violations monitoring map. The map recorded 1637 verified reports of violations of election law.

Photo by Viktor Garbar


March 19, 2013. Kharkiv. Maidan Reload: High technology wide area conferencing pioneered by Maidan in actual use to facilitate and coordinate discussions via live events, forums and video conferencing. The debate topic is “whether the social media have impact on the government in Ukraine” broadcast live via Youtube

Photos by Alyona Sokolynska