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Rule of Law

Release date: October 11 2011

We would be grateful as usual for sharing this movie with your MPs and other people you consider influential in this case.

Sources of information used

Created by: Natalka Zubar, Viktor Pushkar, Miroslav Petriw, Adrian Petriw, Oleksiy Kuzmenko, Viktor Garbar.

World Record! Most voter frauds per minute!

Release date: July 8 2011

Production team

Project manager, director, scriptwriter and producer – Natalka Zubar (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Scriptwriter, voice (English, Ukrainian), – Oleksiy Kuzmenko (Washington, USA)
Legal expert – Olexander Severyn, doctor of law (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Camera – Roman Vintoniv (Kyiv, Ukraine), Ellina Shyshkina, MP  (Kyiv, Ukraine),
Consulting – Viktor Pushkar (Kyiv, Ukraine), Helmut Morscher (Black Diamond, Canada), Viktor Garbar (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Maidan forum participants (worldwide).


  • Video of Yanukovych Jr. – Mustafa Nayem
  • Video of  Parliament with eggs and umbrella – Rada TV Channel (Official Parliamentary TV)
  • Videos of Guiness World Records – youtube.com
  • Ukraine Have Talent logo – STB TV channel

Music  12 Pianists at 1 Piano: Albert Lavignac / Sischka Galop-Marche à 12 and romances by Alexander Vertinsky

Ukraine. A Banana Republic Forever?!

Release date: May 10 2011

Production team

Project manager, scriptwriter and producer – Natalka Zubar (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Director, scriptwriter, editor – Vitaly Man’ko (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Legal expert – Olexander Severyn, doctor of law (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Voice (English), scriptwriter – Oleksiy Kuzmenko (Washington, USA)
Voice (Polish), translation – Valery Stepanenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Editor – Andrey Votsekhovsky (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Camera – Andriy Il’kiv (Kyiv, Ukraine), Roman Vintoniv (Kyiv, Ukraine),Ellina Shyshkina, MP (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Consulting – Helmut Morscher (Black Diamond, Canada), Myroslav Petriw(Toronto, Canada), Viktor Garbar (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Olga Malysheva(Kyiv, Ukraine), Evgen Zakharov (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Klaudiusz Wesolek(Gdansk, Poland)
Logistics – Oles Doniy, MP (Kyiv, Ukraine), Kateryna Chepura (Kyiv, Ukraine)



Music: Scott Joplin “The Easy Winners”, “Fig Leaf Rag”, Beethoven “Ode to Joy”


All movies are funded by Maidan activists.

To be continued…

If you want more info  – read relevant articles: Civic Campaign: Against Non Personal Voting of Members of Parliament

To contact production team write to world@maidan.org.ua