Maidan Monitoring Information Center

NGO “Maidan Monitoring” Information Center is a non-government non-profit civic organization founded in Kharkiv, Ukraine on November 23 2012.

Our activity

Statue goals of  “Maidan Monitoring” Information Center are:

  1. facilitating the implementation and defence of constitutional rights and freedoms;
  2. assisting in development of democratic civil society and the rule of law thru the education of people
  3. facilitating the development informational infrastructure of civic society in Ukraine;
  4. facilitating and improving the social dialog between the government authorities, civic activists, NGOs and business in the area of defence of constitutional rights and freedoms;
  5. facilitating access to information and knowledge about the constitutional rights and freedoms;
  6. facilitating access of citizens to participation in governance.

Our staff lives in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Warsaw, Washington, DC, Odesa, Lviv, Kherson, Kremenchuk, Poltava, Donetsk, Uzhgorod, Ternopil, Berezhany, Kirovograd, Simferopol, Dnipropetrovsk, Severodonetsk, Vinnytsya, Sarny, Sumy, Kramatorsk, Lebedyn; Calgary, Canada; Maribor, Slovenia.

Since 2001 we operated under the name “Civic Methodology and Information Center Vsesvit”. After successful election monitoring project in 2012 we decided to change our NGO name to reflect our specialty and expand the statute goals. State registrar had refused to and we had to register a new NGO. Maidan Monitoring Information Center is a legal successor of “Civic Methodology and Information Center Vsesvit”


Our projects

“Maidan Monitoring” Information Center  is continuously working on the following projects:

  1. Introduction, systematization and adaptation of social technologies to civic society development and participation
  2. Technical and methodology support of “Maidan” website
  3. Leaders of Transformations School
  4. Ukrainian Peacebuilding School
  5. Information Security School
  6. Country by the Hands of Kids
  7. And many more projects, all current are listed here

Our financial reports


Human rights focus

We focus on monitoring and affirming the right to access the information about the government activities as a basic human right .

Our website “The Right to Truth” focuses on informational rights in Ukraine and worldwide.

Since 2011 we focus on monitoring the political freedoms in Ukraine – freedom of peacful assembly, freedom of information, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience. Our monitoring map is available here.

“Maidan” website

The “Maidan” website (Ukrainian version and English version) is a volunteer community resource with more than 130.000 publications (indexed by Google, as of February 2011) and more than 1.000.000 forum posts contributed since 20 Decemder 2000. It is supported by members contributions and sometimes by grants from International Renaissance Foundation (for technical support and development).

The “Maidan” website was founded as official information source of the Ukraine without Kuchma protest action in December 2000. Since then it exists as the pulse of non violent civic resistance in Ukraine.

In 2004, during Orange Revolution, the Maidan site was the main source of news on protests with up to 1500 news pieces published in a day. The term Orange Revolution was published first in the Maidan forum. The Maidan Forum was the main coordination hub of peaceful protest.

In 2005 thru the open collaborative consensual procedure dozens of maidan contributors authored via website a fundamental policy paper of Maidan Alliance – the Maidan Memorandum– the only public policy paper drafted as an outcome of Orange Revolution. The Memorandum contains a list of practical tasks aimed at overcoming post-totalitarianism in Ukraine, affirming the principle that “the authorities answer to the people, society exerts control over the authorities”, defence, affirmation and broadening of rights and freedoms, and the rule of law.

Read history of Maidan

Since May 2014 Maidan website informs mostly of current activities of Maidan Monitoring Information Center and serves as an official website of our NGO.

Watchdog activities

We have co-authored (with Kharkiv Humar Rights Protection Group) annual report “Human rights in Kharkiv region” (2005)  (funded by National Endowment for Democracy and IRF) and the chapter on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly in the 2012 and 2013 Annual Report “Human Rights in Ukraine”.

We monitored:

  • the accountability of Kharkiv city council when making the decisions about new constructions (2007) (funded by Freedom House),
  • illegally classified acts of government (since 2005) (funded by members),
  • the right to access the information about government activities (since 2005) (funded by members and IRF), – last summary
  • the completeness and access to information on governmental websites (since 2010) (funded by IRF)
  • the implementation of President’s Yushchenko decree that banned the totalitarian symbols and toponymy (2011) (funded by members)
  • the practice of non personal voting of Ukrainian Parliament (2011)  (funded by members)
  • the implementation of constitutional right to freedom of assembly  (2011)  (funded by members) – summary
  • the observance of political rights by the government authorities (2012) (funded by members and IRF)
  • the implementation of electoral law during the Parliamentary election  (2012) (funded by members and IRF) – one page summary
  • the observance of right to peaceful assembly and free expression by the government authorities (2012) (funded by members and IRF)
  • Violations of human rights in Crimea (before, during and after “referendum of 16 March 2014”) (funded by members, citizens of Ukraine and IRF)
  • Illegal administrative pressure on budget funded service workers (since 2014) – (funded by members, European Endowement for Democracy)
  • the implementation of electoral law during the President’s election  (2014) (funded by members, citizens of Ukraine and IRF)
  • Discrimination in Ukraine (since 2014) – (funded by the European Commission, Microsoft)