Wikimedians from Central and Eastern Europe met in Kyiv

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On December 19–21, 2014 in Kyiv Wikimedia Central and Eastern Europe Meeting 2014 was held. It was the third annual conference of activists of Wikimedia movement from Central-Eastern Europe. In this conference 70 wikimedians from regional chapters and Wikimedia communities took part. Those who edit Wikipedia, Wikisources, Wikinews, Wikimedia Commons and other projects of Wikimedia Foundation from more than 20 countries gathered to exchange their experience. Thus this conference appeared to be the biggest compared to the both previous meetings in Serbia (2012) and in Slovakia (2013).

Support Ukrainians and they can help us build a fairer Europe

Jan 4th, 2014 | By

We are calling on our governments and international organisations to support Ukrainians in their efforts to put an end to a corrupt and brutal regime and to the geopolitical vulnerability of their country. Ukraine needs a European Marshall-like plan that would ensure its transformation into a full democracy and society with guaranteed civil rights. In elaboration of a new policy towards Ukraine, we propose to draw a distinction between the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian society. While the former must be treated with a maximum of strictures, the latter deserves a maximum of support.

What the Ukrainian protests mean

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Serhiy Kvit 03 January 2014 Issue No:301 The Ukrainian word maidan has Turkish origins. Its closest synonym is the word ‘square’. But maidan is a place for discussing and solving problems that are significant for every member of the community. People do not gather for those reasons regularly. This happens only when something goes wrong…

Reversing Ukraine’s Brain Drain

Dec 18th, 2012 | By

Ukraine is not a great place for recent university graduates looking for work in their chosen career fields. Current job holders appear to be just as discontent as recent graduates. Only one in six Ukrainians are happy with their jobs, according to a Headhunters study.

Ukrainian Catholic University Lviv Visit November 2012

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In November of this year, 2012, I spent two weeks leading classes at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) in Lviv, Ukraine. What follows is an account of my impressions from those two weeks.