Tornado MLRS: How Putin legally admitted Russia is waging war in Ukraine, and a bit of other legal stuff around the Minsk agreements explained.

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What is ‘Trilateral contact group’? It is a euphemism that allows ‘leaders’ of Russian terrorist organizations ‘DNR’ and ‘LNR’ to be included in negotiations with Ukraine. ‘DNR’ and ‘LNR’ officially claim responsibility for the war with Ukraine, working as cover for the full scale Russian military invasion. Ukraine officially does not have any top-level contacts with ‘DNR’ and ‘LNR’ and does recognize them as terrorist organizations. Official authorization of ex-president Leonid Kuchma to represent Ukraine in the peace talks has no mention of ‘LNR’ and ‘DNR’, for instance.

The internal war of Putin against Ukraine

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The 1st of March was a tragic day for Kharkiv and for all the Ukraine. At aproximagely 14.20 a crowd of several thousand people with Russian flags attacked the Kharkiv Region Administrative Building where a group of civic activists, self-defense members were staying since February, 22. The young defenders, some of them younger than 18, students and football fans were brutally beaten and publicly humiliated in front of the crowd of exultant people who were sure that they had overcome dangerous “extremists” and “terrorists” from Western Ukraine who invaded the Eastern city of Kharkiv. 130 people were gravely injured, some disappeared.

Infowars: Spotlight on Larry Diamond

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The viral video is of an Ukrainian girl speaking about her hopes for freedom in her country. She appeals for us to tell our governments to support Maidan protesters: The Infowars website shares an interesting background story to this video, claiming it to be the influence of Larry Diamond, a member of the US Council…

Ukraine must hold independent probe in journalist beating

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  New York, December 27, 2013–The Ukrainian government must ensure that a thorough, independent, and transparent investigation is conducted in the brutal attack early Wednesday on prominent journalist Tetyana Chornovol, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. Chornovol remains hospitalized in the capital, Kiev, with a concussion and multiple head injuries. Chornovol was driving home…

This is the War Against Ukraine. So far It Is Information War.

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The disinformation is distributed via the social networks and websites created for this purpose solely. Unfortunately, lots of misinformation is broadcast by other, even professional media. Most notable samples of misinformation were – the news about the restriction of cash flow by the National Bank of Ukraine and the news that the big number of European VIPs will not attend the OSCE summit in Kyiv.

Keeping political corruption in the family?

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Nowhere is this more apparent than in Yanukovich’s home region, the Donbass. Here, a huge illegal coal mining industry has developed, unhindered by police. And many Ukrainians suspect that members of the president’s family have had their fingers in the pie.

Infant victim of inhuman treatment

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The latest application to the European Court of Human Rights over torture and inhuman treatment which Kharkiv Human Rights Group have prepared involves a five-month-old baby – S. and his 22-year-old mother K. Before the infant’s birth and after it, K. was held in a SIZO (pre-trial detention centre) in terrible conditions. While in the maternity home she was constantly handcuffed with chains also on her feet.  S was not examined by doctors and did not receive medical care.

Divvying up Crimea

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Valentina Samar, Dzerkalo Tyzhnya Ukraina, Issue No. 16, April 27, 2012 In its essence and sequence of events the current article is in a way a continuation of the previous one, so I will provide a short summary. In late March it became clear that President Yanukovych OKed Dmitro Firtash’s plans to extend his presence…

Sun, wires, Europe

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In February of 2012 a small scandal shook Ukraine’s energy sector. Komersant daily reported that the EU was stopping budget support programs that provided Kyiv with 160 million Euro of non-refundable aid.  The fate of the first tranche, according to the newspaper, was the reason for this.

The Right Inalienable and Inviolable?

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Kiyv, 24.08.2001, photo by Viktor Kruk

Local authorities in Ukraine have no unified approach, no common practice of implementation of the right to free assembly. When citizens are trying to implement that right the authorities often violate the Constitution of Ukraine. Unnaturally high percentage of supported lawsuits of local authorities on the restriction of right to peaceful assembly could hardly mean impartiality of courts.