Election 2012

Volunteeers of “Maidan Monitoring: Election 2012”. Book Chapter

Feb 6th, 2013 | By

Most accurately our philosophy and future aspirations was described by 19 year old Ihor Bilyk from Ternopil. He described his experience of participation in “Maidan Monitoring” project: “I felt myself a part of a big process of establishing the justice”.

International civil society election observation. Parliamentary Elections – Ukraine 28 October 2012

Dec 18th, 2012 | By

In its Statement of Preliminary Findings and Conclusions, the CSEOM concluded that despite serious and systemic shortcomings and the fact that the fairness of the overall election process was considerably affected by the abuse of the privileged position by those in power, the elections generally allowed the voters to express their political preferences and the freedom of campaign was ensured. Yet, the development of the vote tabulation deteriorated the transparency and integrity of the process, significantly diminishing the credibility of these elections.

The Impact of Violations of Election Law on the Parliamentary Election Outcome in Ukraine

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During that election actions that are forbidden by the law and that obstruct the free choice and free voting (bribery, fraud, coercion, violence, etc.) were wide spread and not punished.

What Happened to “Lost” Ballots in Ukraine?

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During the 2012 Ukrainian Parliamentary Election voters were given two ballots one for party lists and one for candidates in a constituency. The number of ballots cast for parties and candidates differs from number of ballots received by voters but the Central Election Commission does not publish statistics on spoiled ballots. Why?

Some Infographics of Election Voting

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What happened to “lost” ballots in Ukraine? Why prisons and hospotals voted differently from others? Questions we have no answers to.

Basic Instinct

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So far, Ukrainians have won a few minor battles but not the war. They proved, at least in some electoral districts, including the remarkable case of Kyiv, that civic spirit, courage, and unity could withstand brutal force, lying, cheating, and bribery.

Tabulation Process in Ukraine Marred by Violations, Manipulation

Nov 3rd, 2012 | By

Mission Canada notes the negative development of serious problems in the tabulation of the results by the District Election Commissions (DECs) since election-day.

Free but Not Fair

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We had the opportunity to serve as international observers at last Sunday’s elections to the legislature of Ukraine, specifically in two of the more troublesome regions of Ukraine: Kharkhiv and Donetsk. Also, we observed in Kyiv on the district level on the following two days. Our reactions were mixed, but mostly positive.

“Maidan Monitoring: Election-2012”: election fraud and violations were systematic. Society, observers and courts to decide if this fraud influenced the results

Oct 29th, 2012 | By

“Maidan Monitoring: Election-2012” team announced, that current data from Ukraine’s polling stations suggests that fraud and violations in parliamentary election in Ukraine were systematic in nature.

Systematic Violations of Election Law in Ukraine – 2 days before voting

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The violations of election law happened during last 40 days of election campaign are likely to have most impact on forming of voters will. Opinion polls, both country-wide and local revealed that 25-30% of voters who have intention to vote had not decided who to vote for. Significant amount of respondents have no clue of majority candidates and their existence at all. These voters’ decision who to vote for was done in last weeks or even days.