About Us

The “Maidan” Alliance is an association of individuals and civic organizations created in 2006 who are seeking to coordinate their efforts on fully developing civic society in Ukraine, as well as a state structure based on law and answerable to the public.

The main tasks of the Alliance are: monitoring, defending, affirming and broadening of constitutional rights and freedoms in Ukraine in the following key areas:

— equal access to justice;
— public participation in local self-government;
— public participation in developing social policy;
— public monitoring over the authorities;
— freedom of peaceful assembly;
— freedom of information; freedom of speech; freedom of the press, freedom of creative activities;
— the rights of territorial communities;
— the right to freely elect and the right to stand for electoral office;
— the right to a safe environment;
— the right to education;
— the right to health care.

The principles of Maidan: an environment with a networked structure
Maidan’s environment is formed by people of different age and gender, ideology and religion, members of different parties and not affiliated with any of them. These people do praise the values of democracy and open civil society, dismiss the extremist ideologies, racial and national hatred and xenophobia. Most of them are not planning any political career for themselves.

Maidan’s strategy is outlined in the Maidan Memorandum (2005)

Our mission is told by our activists in OUR REVOLUTION (2005)

“Maidan” uses theoretical background of resistance movements outlined by Gene Sharp, Polish “Solidarnost” union, Serbian “Otpor” movement, Belorussian movement ZUBR and the heritage of Ukrainian Anti-Communist movement for Independence before 1991.

All Ukrainian civic organization «Maidan» Alliance is registered by Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in 2006 without opening a legal entity (peculiarities of Ukrainian legal system). Maidan Monitoring Information Center is one of legal representatives of «Maidan» Alliance.

Contact us
By email: world@maidan.org.ua
Or via linkedin contact
Maidan Alliance Coordinator Natalka Zubar