R.I.P. Igor Tolmachev — physicist, Euromaidan activist, killed by Russia-backed terrorists

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IGOR TOLMACHEV (Игорь Толмачев) was a physicist. He was one of the coordinators of Kharkiv Euromaidan a year ago, when Ukrainians stood their ground in defense of democracy and rule of law, protested against government corruption and demanded closer integration of Ukraine with the European Union. Russia-backed terrorists killed Igor Tolmachev today. He died as a result of a bomb attack against a march commemorating the first anniversary of the Maidan Massacre. According to Wyborcza.pl, the attack took place when Kharkiv residents were just assembling to form the head of the march that was going to go through the city. That means Igor, who is one of several fatalities in that incident, must have been right there at the front of the column. He died doing what he believed in. Igor Tolmachev is survived by wife and daughter. Glory to this hero! Glory to Ukraine! Rest in Peace, Игорь Толмачев…

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