R.I.P. Daniel Dydyk, 15, of #Kharkiv #Ukraine — victim of Russian terror

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Daniel Dydyk, who suffered brain injuries during the February 22 terrorist bombing of a peaceful march in Kharkiv, Ukraine, died on February 23. His recent photo appears above. Daniyl (also known as Danya) was 15 years old. “He studied at a school for gifted children. He was fond of judo and he was a football fan,” said Hanna Churkina, an Euromaidan activist and an English language teacher who traveled to Poland with a group of Kharkiv children last summer.

The march on Sunday, February 22, 2015, was to commemorate the first anniversary of the Maidan Massacre, which happened in Kyiv, Ukraine. As of this writing, other fatalities resulting from the 2/22 attack include Igor Tolmachev, a physicist who was a coordinator of Euromaidan activities a year ago, and Vadim Rybalchenko, a police officer who had just returned from his tour of duty in the Anti-Terrorist Operation in the southeast of Ukraine.

According to Oleksandr Shevchenko, who witnessed the 2/22 attack, the bomb would have caused much greater casualties if it weren’t for the fact that a truck just happened to pass by, shielding many marchers from shrapnel.

It is important to note in this context that Ukraine’s security agency (SBU) has announced that it apprehended other would be terrorists in Kharkiv and elsewhere in Ukraine. The terrorists were caught with Russian-supplied weapons and admitted that they were trained by Russian Federation agents to conduct acts of sabotage against civilian targets.

UPDATE 2/24/2015: Nataliya Zubar reported that another victim of the bombing, an 18-year-old, died in the morning of February 24, Kharkiv time. His name was Nikolai Melnychuk and he was a student, wrote Natalya Ryabinska.

Igor Tolmachev:


Vadim Rybalchenko:


Nikolai Melnychuk:

This video shows a rally that took place just before the march started, followed by scenes of the attack and afterwards:

This clip shows the attack from a different perspective:

Here is a video report from the crime scene, plus one statement by an official and another statement by a witness:

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