“Killed by Russian invaders”: Worldwide action. February 07-08. Join to stop the war!

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Friends! Organizer of similar action in Kiev Eugene Chebotarev and not indifferent people of Kiev appeal to all Ukrainian abroad. We urge the Ukrainian diasporas and all over the world this weekend – 7 and 8 February – carry out the installation of crosses with the names of those killed in eastern Ukraine in front of the russian embassy’s and consulates all around the world.

The same action took place in Kiev the first of February. In front of the Russian embassy have installed symbolic crosses with the names of those killed in Mariupol to show – there was killed concrete people. On each nameplate, except for the name and date of death, was written: “He was killed by Russian occupiers”. Read more:http://www.pravda.com.ua/rus/news/2015/02/1/7057063/

Evidence of shelling Mariupol by the Russian militaryhttp://www.sbu.gov.ua/sbu/control/uk/publish/article…

List of Ukraine Armed Forces soldiers, who died during the conduct of ATOhttp://www.mil.gov.ua/…/spisok-zagiblih…

List of those killed and injured during shelling at Mariupolhttp://mvs.gov.ua/…/donetsk/uk/publish/article/159511

List of those killed and injured during terrorist attack near Volnovakha

“I am sure that the actions will be politically correct, very indicative and will cause a world resonance. Ukraine will have more allies among citizens of foreign countries” – appeals to all Ukrainians abroad Eugene Chebotarev.

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