John McCain. The United States must support Ukraine to defend its territory

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A genuine letter from Senator McCain to US citizen, the friend of Maidan Monitoring Information Center.

March 9, 2015
Mr. George Von Klan

Dear Mr. Von Klan:

Thank you for contacting me regarding Russia’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine. I appreciate hearing your concerns on this important issue.

As a beacon for democracy across the globe, the United States must support Ukraine to defend its territory and determine its own political and economic future. It would be a stain on our honor to stand by and do nothing while a sovereign nation in the heart of Europe is torn apart by Russia’s imperial ambitions.

Two ceasefire agreements have been negotiated between Russia and Ukraine – the first in September 2014 and the second was signed in February 2015. Russia has utterly failed to abide by either agreement. Even as the February ceasefire was being negotiated, Russian armed forces sent 50 tanks, 40 missile systems and 40 armored vehicles into Ukraine. It is abundantly clear that President Putin’s goal is not peace, but further escalation of war.

Unfortunately, President Obama’s stubborn refusal to provide weapons and other military assistance to Ukraine has only emboldened Russia. Political and economic sanctions have failed to deter Russian incursions into Ukrainian territory, which continue unabated. A growing number of national security experts and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle now agree that providing defensive lethal assistance to Ukraine is essential to achieving a political solution to the crisis.

In February, I, along with several of my Senate colleagues, wrote to Secretary John Kerry urging him to immediately provide defensive weapons to Ukraine, tighten international sanctions against Russia and consider imposing further penalties such as the removal of Russia from the SWIFT financial system. We also need to highlight the gross human rights abuses that have been committed against Ukrainian civilians, thousands of whom have been killed and wounded, and hundreds of thousands displaced.

This is the gravest security threat that Europe has faced in decades. What is needed now more than ever is American leadership and resolve. Rest assure that I will continue to watch this situation very closely.

Thank you again for contacting me regarding this important issue. Please feel free to contact me on this or any other matters of concern in the future.

John McCain
United States Senator

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