International conference: Information as warfare of XXI century – the experience of Ukrainian conflict of 2014/2015 for Poland and Europe

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Polish-Ukrainian Partnership Forum, Ukrainian Peacebuilding School and Fundacja Maidan Monitoring Polska invites to attend conference dedicated to Ukrainian experience of information war. Conference will take place on March 11 (Wednesday) in Warsaw at Kopernik Conference Center, Kopernika Str. 30. Conference languages: Polish, Ukrainian, English.

Conference targets media experts and people who are interested in current conflict in Ukraine. Objective of the conference is to share the first-hand experience of media component of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine that complements the military operations. The honorary guest from Ukrainian part will be Mr. Pavlo Polianskij, vice minister of Education of Ukraine, from the Polish part Mr. Pawel Zalewski, head of the Polish-Ukrainian Partnership Forum.

Conference will consist of two thematic parts – “ACTION” and “REACTION” – each with three presentations followed by discussion with experts and conference participants.

Conference opening session

Starts at 10:00

Mr Pavlo Polianskij – vice minister of Education of Ukraine

Mr Paweł Zalewski  – head of the Polish-Ukrainian Partnership Forum.

Mr Igor Semyvolos, coordinator of Ukrainian Peacebuilding School

First block “ACTION”

Starts at 11:30

How Kremlin television influences people in Ukraine and what are the effects of disconnecting people from its influence? – Nataliya Zubar, Chair of Maidan Monitoring Information Center, Kharkiv

Influence of media on situation in Donetsk oblast since the fall of USSR – Oleksij Matsuka, Public TV of Donetsk region, Donetsk

Usage of anti-Semitism and “Jewish question” in context of Russian-Ukrainian conflict. – Vyacheslav Likhachov, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, Jerusalem, Israel

Exclusion Zone. How the mutual informational images of Ukraine and Crimea in media influence the way of relations between region and mainland. – Olga Dukhnich, social psychologist, journalist at “Novoe vremya” magazine, Simferopol


Second  block „REACTION”

Starts at 12:30

Civic networks for counteraction to hostile information influences and their usage by the new Ukrainian Police. Oleksij Vedmidsky, lieutenant of the new Ukrainian Police Battalion “Kharkiv-1”

How could Ukrainians and Poles counteract the Russian information war with the history? – Oleksander Zinchenko, vice director of Institute of National Memory, Kyiv

Comparison of information war strategy of Islamic State and Donetsk and Luhansk “people republics”s. – Oleksander Bogomolov, director of Institute of Oriental Studies of Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kyiv

Changes in conference program are possible. More participants are possible.


Contact for more information and confirmation of participation:

Paweł Trzcinski



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