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Donetsk, 13 January 2015. As a result of heavy fighting control tower of Donetsk airport collapsed.

This information is confirmed by ATO HQ and by local residents.

At about 11.00 am the tower collapsed, falling on the complex of buildings below, called “horse shoe”.10906237_623101677795981_5795352290463570483_n

(Control tower before the war)

Control tower of the airport, with flying Ukrainian flag on top, became the symbol of defiance and heroism of Ukrainian army. Soldiers defending the aiport became famously known as “cyborgs”.

15921_623102041129278_362183975534415809_n(View of control tower, as it became famous)


Fighting for control of the airport has continued since May, when the Ukrainian army carried out first cleansing separatists and Russian mercenaries who had taken control of the facility. Months of back-and-forth shelling between Ukrainian and Russian forces have left the airport heavily damaged.

Donetsk airport was in epicenter of increased attacks of Russians on Ukrainian army positions. “The militants shelled our army positions 26 times overnight. Eleven populated areas and army positions situated nearby came under fire,” the army operation press center said today. “In all, our army positions were shelled 84 times by illegal armed units in the past 24 hours,” the press center stated.

In addition, the army reported nine drone flights above Nizhne, Schastia, Volnovakha, Novoselivka, Kalchyk, Mariupol and the Donetsk airport.

According to one of Donetsk aiport defenders, Russian terrorists announced ultimatum: If before 17:00 today Ukrainian army does not leave the airport – Russian artillery and tanks will raze it to the ground.

“We are being hit from both sides with tanks and artillery, from the 400 meters distance. There is no support of our artillery. Militants gave us time before 17.00 to get out from the new terminal. If we do not leave, terrorists will just destroy us. The terminal can be fully shot through. But we will not go. We’re not going to back down. They destroy us from heavy weapons for the last three days. There is nothing left. We are waiting for support,” – said one of the fighters, reports LigaBusinessInform.


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