Ukrainians in Canada: Letter to MInister for Foreign Affairs calling for NATO Intervention in Ukraine

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February 19, 2014

Hon. John Baird
Minister for Foreign Affairs Parliament of Canada Ottawa, ONTARIO

Dear Minister,

We have written to you several times regarding the dire situation in Ukraine and thank you for Canada’s, and your personal, concern. Given the events of February 18, 2014 we ask that Canada intervene more forcefully in order to avoid further deaths and violence against peaceful demonstrators, journalists, democrats and citizens.

Russia is aiming to be the opinion leader on this matter by having led in condemning the protestors; Western democratic powers are slow to react despite the fact that EuroMaidan is a pro-West movement. The irony is shocking.

Specifically we are writing because of the following: When Ukraine gave up its considerable nuclear arsenal to Russia– under pressure from Western powers including Canada– it was guaranteed independence. It is clear that Russia precipitated the protests in Ukraine by denying Ukraine the freedom of its representative government to sign the EU Association Agreement. Now, it has advised President Viktor Yanukovych to put down the EuroMaidan protests. The result is over ten dead and growing, hundreds wounded and many missing or already in exile.

As you well know, the key price extracted from Mr. Yanukovych after his election was the nearly complete takeover by Russia of Ukraine’s security and defence apparatus. As part of the 15 billion “loan” to President Yanukovych the takeover was completed. President Putin is the de facto chief of Ukraine’s security and military forces. He advocates a forceful solution to EuroMaidan and is now doing so.

We, therefore, call on Canada to seek together with other members, a strong statement of condemnation from NATO committing to a peacekeeping intervention in Ukraine to prevent more bloodshed and disaster.

We thank you for your consideration and request immediate action before the situation escalates further. If not, the West will be seen as having failed completely in supporting the development of democracy in Ukraine and its desire to have closer ties with Europe. It will stand as a warning to others.
Warmest regards, Oksana Bashuk Hepburn
Ihor Cap
Myroslava Oleksiuk
Marta Onufriv
Oksana Shmiegelsky
Tanya Wanio

Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper Hon. Rob Nicholson Hon.Thomas Mulcair

Canadian Group for
Democracy in Ukraine

Groupe Canadienne pour la Démocratie en Ukraine

Канадськa Група сприяння демократії в Україні https://www.facebook.

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Hon. Justin Trudeau Hon. Jason Kenney Mr. Ted Opitz
Mr. Kevin Lamoureux
Ms. Peggy Nash
Mr. Wayne Marston
Mr. Mike Wallace
Ms. Francoise Boivan
Hon. Irwin Cotler H.E. Troy Lulashnyk H.E. Yves Brodeur H.E. David Plunkett
Mr. Paul Grod, President Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Mr. Eugene Czolij, President Ukrainian World Congress

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