“Titushky” failed to disrupt meeting of Kharkiv Euromaidan with Molotov cocktails

Jan 26th, 2014 | By | Category: Human Rights, News, Politics, Ukraine

Kharkiv – A group of approximately thirty titushky attacked Euromaidan supporters near the Kharkiv opera theatre. While they were were armed with baseball bats, compressed self defence cylinders, and in addition, Molotov cocktails their attack was short-lived and thwarted.

While several security personel of the Kharkiv Euromaidan received injuries, the attackers were stopped in their tracks, forcefully put in a prostrate position, and handed over to police officers.

One of the detained attackers was under the influence of drugs and emergency medical services had to be called in for assistance. During the attack, there was collateral damage to the camera of the the ATN TV channel.

After repelling the titushky, Euromaidan security drove them away from the peaceful demonstrators. While the crowd appeared agitated, the police managed to reassure everyone that the situation was under control.

While the police searched the titushky they discovered close to ten Molotov cocktails which were confiscated and then emptied of their contents of the bottles.

Upon examining the contents of the emptied bottles more closely and smelling them, Victor Garbar of MMIC, who shot the video, stated that they smelled of acetone.

The titushky were detained form some time and then they were realised. Once released they headed in the direction of the Kharkiv Zoo.

PS. All assemblies of Euroamaidan in Kharkiv were and are peaceful, there had not been any violence on the part of activists, nor were any administrative buildings siezed, nor were there plans to do so.




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