Resolution of the first All-Ukrainian Forum of Euromaidans of Ukraine

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The Forum states: In Ukraine there is the development of an acute socio-political crisis. The authoriites are persecuting activists of civic opposition and are ignoring the largest protest of its citizens. The Business-political clans are usurping authority in Ukraine.

On the basis of the demands of the participants of protests on different Maidan’s of Ukraine and having the intention of uniting the Ukrainian peoplle, on the basis of Article 5 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Fourm of Euromaidan’s makes the following its goal:

To remove the current usurpers from authority and not allow the usurpation of authority in the future by the creation of civic mechanisms, levers of direct civic-authority and the development of selfgovernment.

The Forum supports the demands of the resignation of the Government and the President of Ukraine, holding pre-term elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the cesssation of persecution of protest participants, the release of political prisoners, the effective investigation of all incidents of violence, overstepping authority or abuse of power, and holding those who are guilty of of these offences to be accountable and providing compensation to those who were victims of violence.

The Forum will not create any organizational superstructures or vertically integrated structures over the activities of the Euromaidans.

The Forum approves joint principles and organizational mechanisms in order to achieve such goals:

1. The horizontal coordination and cooperation of all Euromaidan’s of Ukraine.

2. Cooperation for the realization of activities and events, which are initiated by activists of the Euro Maidans; the support of constructive proposals of participants of Euromaidan’s regarding removing the usurpers from power.

3. On the basis of the Kyiv Euromaidan to create teaching-training centres for civic activists, delegated by the Euromaidan’s of all of Ukraine.

4. Creating a network of self-defense and defense on the basis of the materials, elaborated byt the working group of the Forum.

5. The engagement of financial and material resources and using them on the basis of decentralization, transparency, safety and budgetting.

6. To call upon and mobilize artists and civic autorities to create mobile groups for and at the maidan’s of Ukraine..

7. To start cooperation between different maidans in the form of twinning for mutual assistance.

8. To unite the efforts of Euromaidan in order to achieve the maximal informational effect as a counterreaction to the information war being waged againts the maidans.

9. To regualarly and publically inform participants in activities about the events at different Euromaidans.

10. Within the structures of the Euromaidan to create permanantly active structures, responsible for the organization of civic education of participants.

11. To disseminate educational and informational activity beyond the borders of the Euromaidans.


The Forum has adopted as a basis and action plan, elaborated within the working groups  according  to the points of the agenda and requests that the working groups to continue working on and to implement these plans in accordance with directions of focus. (The plans are attached.)


All participants are permitted to present its results only to the extent of the decisions which were taken by the Forum.


Adopted January 12, 2014 at the First All-Ukrainian Forum of Euromaidans in Kharkiv.


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