London. Ukrainians to protest at American and Russian Embassies this Sunday, 2 March 2014

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Ukrainians living in London will protest against Russian aggression in Crimea outside the American and Russian Embassies this Sunday 2 March. The protest will start at the American Embassy at 12 noon and at 2 pm at the Russian Embassy.

When Ukraine became independent from the USSR in 1991, it retained the world’s largest nuclear arsenal.  It peacefully surrendered its nuclear arsenal on the condition that its territorial integrity would be guaranteed.  This guarantee was enshrined in the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances in 1994, signed by the UK,  the USA, Russia, Ukraine and later France.

Specifically, this Memorandum guaranteed that Russia, UK, USA and France must:


1.       – respect Ukrainian independence and sovereignty within its borders as at 1994;

2.       – refrain from the threat of or use of force against Ukraine;

3.       – refrain from using economic pressure on Ukraine in order to influence its politics;

4.       – seek United Nations Security Council action if nuclear weapons are used against Ukraine;

5.       – refrain from the use of nuclear arms against Ukraine; and

6.       – consult with one another if questions arise regarding these commitments.

These guarantees have now been violated with the presence of the Russian soldiers in Crimea.  And, on 1 March 2014, the Russian parliament sanctioned an invasion of Ukraine.


Ukrainians living in the United Kingdom fear that President Putin, in his mad quest to rebuild a new Russian empire, is trying to provoke a bloody all-out war on Europe’s borders in an attempt to annex Crimea and other parts of Ukraine for the Russian Federation.

The protestors want the US government to pressure Putin into respecting Ukrainian territorial integrity and withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian territory. They will ask the US to use its seat on the UN Security Council to take diplomatic action against Russia for their illegal incursions into Ukraine and introduction of the economic and financial sanctions against Russia.

The protestors will demand that the USA, UK and France uphold their commitment, signed in the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, to guarantee Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty and send their peacekeepers into Ukraine as part of an international peacekeeping mission.

At the Russian Embassy the protesters will demand a peaceful, political solution to the crisis, and demand that Putin withdraws his troops from Ukrainian territory.

The Ukrainian community in London has been protesting continuously since the unrest in Ukraine began. On Sunday, they will be joined by the British, Polish Georgian and Lithuanian citizens, who support the pro-democracy movement in Ukraine and oppose Russian aggression.

There is also a significant amount of disinformation currently being circulated about Ukraine and its people by Putin and theRussian government, its apparatchiks abroad, and some misinformed commentators in the UK.  Ukraine, like any country, has unfortunately not escaped the scourge of some of its people having radical views.  But, like in the UK, the views of a tiny sector of radical groups do not define the character of its population as a whole.  Ukrainians are open, friendly and accepting.  The protest actions that led to this conjuncture began because Ukrainians saw in their European ambition a chance to achieve an ordinary European life, where people respect each other, where the government respects its people, and where the country could free itself from corruption. The fascists are the ones who loudly yell ‘fascists!’ at others.


British citizens of Ukrainian origin, as well Ukrainians living in the UK, are upset at the racist disinformation circulated by Putin as well as certain media and political commentators.  They wish to firmly emphasise that the Ukrainian nation is multiethnic, inclusive and diverse.

The situation in Ukraine is of grave concern and urgent action is required.  The UK, US and French governments, as well as all other European governments, cannot allow a cynical land-grab on the European borders. This would demonstrate serious weakness and undermine trust in the international security agreements.  The irresponsible actions of Vladimir Putin threatensecurity and order of Europe and the whole world. One should not to repeat the mistake of Mr Chamberlain in 1938 trying to calm the appetite of Hitler and surrendering him parts of Czechoslvakia.


Spokespeople will be available for interview. For more information or to arrange an interview, please call 07887058036 or 07925408394.

Facebook: London Euromaidan

Twitter: londoneuromaidan


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