Letter to the President of the United States

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Below is the text of my letter to President Barack Obama, which I just submitted on his website. Wherever you live, I urge you to ask your government leaders to show real support to Ukraine now.

* * *

Dear Mr. President,

I am an American citizen (I voted for you twice!) and I support granting the status of a Major Non-NATO Ally (MNNA) to Ukraine. I also urge you to support sharing precise intelligence data with the Ukrainians so that their armed forces can destroy missile launchers which Russia-backed gangs or Russian operatives still use on the territory of Ukraine. I support other forms of military and financial aid to Ukraine as well.

As a Polish American, I would like to thank you for your recent visit to Warsaw, where you celebrated Poland’s 25 years of freedom. Ukraine has not been as lucky. The Ukrainian people have shown a strong will to fight for democracy, independence and territorial integrity of their country. They have demonstrated persistence, maturity and incredible restraint when needed. They will be a good ally to have for America.

Dear Mr. President,

These decisions are urgent. These ideas are supported by Ukrainian American voters as well as many other Americans who have been moved by the Ukrainians’ struggle for universal values. We have no time to waste. The Ukrainian-Russian War of 2014 will be won by the Ukrainians. How heavy a price the Ukrainians will have to pay? When the Ukrainians win, will they consider America to be their ally and a moral leader?

Dear Mr. President,

The Nobel Peace Prize that you received obliged you to promote peace. You have ended and prevented wars, acting in a multilateral fashion. But sometimes we must step ahead of others in order for others to be encouraged to act; it does not contradict multilateralism. The Ukrainians were not warmongers during EuroMaidan protests. Those who now fight with weapons against the Russian intervention did not want this war. Russia is the aggressor. You know this. You can de-escalate this conflict by showing real tangible support for Ukraine over Russian objections. We should still apply non-military pressure through economic sanctions, international organizations and public relations, but we should not shrink back from using the NNMA status, accurate intelligence sharing and other military aid when the time is right. Let us do it now, before Russian tanks roll into Ukraine because the Kremlin sees us as weak and indecisive.

Thank you.

Marcin Zmudzki

* * *

You, too, can write to President Obama at the following address:


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