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Jan 22nd, 2014 | By | Category: Human Rights, In Depth, Political Persecutions, Torture and Ill-Treatment, Ukraine

There are three victims of the regime. One young man was severely beaten on January, 20th (morning) by Berkut at Dynamo stadium pillars, and after that was thrown down to the ground ( 1’10-1’45). He died in hospital on January, 21st (evening).
The second young man was shoot on January, 22nd (morning) at Hrushevskogo street by 3 shots (head, neck and heart). Eyewitnesses reported that he was not throwing anything to policemen but only stood and shouted peaceful slogans. He was from Dnipropetrovsk region (Eastern Ukraine).
And the third young man was killed by the shot to the chest on January, 22nd (morning).

Additionally, the country leadership deepens mass repressions. They completed the system of pressure and threatening by adding the new instrument – kidnapping!

Activists and protestors are kidnapped in full daylight from the streets of Kyiv far from Maidan or Hrushevskogo street, where the clashes are taking place. Most of them had nothing common with those clashes, but attended peaceful EuroMaidan.

For example, an absurd story – a journalist of “Spilnobachennia”, which provides the online broadcasting from EuroMaidan, and 2 activists were detained on January, 19th (evening) at the gas station at Naberezhno-Luhova str. just because of having gasoline in cans – for the Euromaidan electric generator, as they explained. But they were accused in preparing explosives, were put to Dniprovskyi police department and are now incriminated the participation in mass riots, the punishment for which is up to 15 years of jail. Activists say the detention was also made in a very rude and violent way.

On January, 20th (morning) 7 students went home from EuroMaidan and were kidnapped at Nyzhniy Val str. by unknown people. Their relatives were searching for them for 6 hours with no results. Later on one student sent an sms that detained were staying at Dniprovskyi police department. One of the boys felt really bad but was not provided with the necessary medical aid.

While trying to get home after EuroMaidan on January, 20th (morning) 3 activists – Yukhym Dyshkant, Dmytro Moskalets and Artur Kovalchuk were stopped and beaten by 12-15 ‘titushky’ near Holodomor Monument. After calling the police, a bus with “Berkut” policemen approached and after all, what has happened, these activists – not the ones who beat them – were brought to Desnyanskyi police department and are now arrested. On January, 21st (evening) the court took the decision about the measure of detention for Yukhym Dyshkant during investigation – 2 months of arrest.

Or another case – on January, 21st (again morning) disappeared one of the leaders of EuroMaidan civil sector Ihor Lutsenko and Yuriy Verbytskyi. Mr. Verbytskyi was wounded and Ihor brought him to the hospital where unknown people in civilian clothes with no explanations took them away. Ihor was found on January, 21st evening, he is injured. Yuriy is still missing.

Such cases of illegal detention are very frequent during the last days. It is obvious, that these actions are aimed to threat the protesters that if they continue their activity – they will be beaten, wounded and after all arrested for a few years.

According to the official information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the number of detaines on January, 20th evening was 31 person. Most of them are incriminated “participation in riots”, which will “costs” up to 15 years of jail according to new legislation. More than 40 activists are now in the hospitals – their body condition is critical. To avoid any accusals the ones whose body condition is better are recommended not to remain in hospitals as doctors should obligatory report to police about such “dangerous” patients.

As the ruling party can’t shut up all disagreeable, they started physical destructions of them. We are using all possible legal means of fight, but the number of instruments is decreasing from day to day.

Lesya Orobetz is an opposition member of Parliament of Ukraine

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