For a European Ukraine — A Declaration of Free Citizens of Kharkiv

Jan 20th, 2014 | By | Category: Against Totalitarian Legacy, Civic Actions, Editor's Choice, News, Ukraine

We, the free citizens of Kharkiv, are fighting to implement a sustainable democracy of the European type in Ukraine.

In our city of Kharkiv, we see a sustainable democracy as follows:

  1. The city mayor, members of the City Council, the chief of police and judges should be elected in direct and transparent elections, including the use of Internet-based ballots.
  2. The city budget should be open, transparent and controlled by citizens. Expenditures and revenues which make up the city’s budget should be published daily at 7:00 PM on the City Council’s official website.
  3. Local referenda should be held on issues pertaining to city operations, including the possibility of recalling elected government officials.
  4. A municipal police force should be created. Replace the punitive functions of the police with functions that will protect public order.

We deem the Kharkiv region to be an integral part of Ukraine, where:

  1. Strict adherence of human right protections is to be ensured;
  2. The rule of law must be in effect;
  3. The President and members of the Parliament are to be elected in direct and transparent elections, including ballots via the Internet;
  4. An open and transparent public budget is to be controlled by citizens; and
  5. Judges should be elected in general elections and the institution of juries should be established.

Approved at the public assembly of Euromaidan Kharkiv on 18 January 2014. Video is here:

We ask all Euromaidans of Ukraine to support our declaration. Additions are welcome.

PS. Our goal is to create the lowest common denominator of goals that unite a maximum number of citizens of Ukraine.

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