Encyclopedistics Online. A look at WWI from XXI century

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Summer 1914. In the middle of July Crisis neither citizens of European cities, nor governments of largest countries in the world would understand what will future brings to them.

The shooting at Sarajevo, which killed the heir to the Austria-Hungary throne Archduke Franz Ferdinand became the first step in the sequence of events that drastically changed the world. This events destroyed of the contemporary world order, and crossed fatal line of opposition between countries. One side was Central Power (or Quadruple Alliance) (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria), and the other side was Triple Entente (French Third Republic, Russian Empire and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland)

There were infernal carnivals in the capitals of those contries, the patriotic demonstrations under the slogans “Kill the Germans,” “Kill the Frenchman,” “Kill the Russians!” etc.

38 of the 56 countries in the world joined this war, that was ¾ of the world population. So far there is no information on exactly losses in the World War I. However, according to the experts, it is at least 30 million people.

Ukraine was drawn into the war too. Ukrainian land turned into a battleground, and Ukrainian people fought for foreign interests.

How are memories of WWI arranged nowadays? How should they be reflected in encyclopaedias? Why in some countries the memory of the WWI dominates the memory of the WWII?

Participants of discussion will try to find answers to this and other questions.

professor Iurii Shapoval
Volodymyr Kryvosheia
Olexandr Kucheruk
Sergiy Petrov

Svitlana Nabok

The list of the participants is not final.
You can propose topics to discuss.

on-line (on-air on YouTube)

Live in Kharkiv, Independent Culture Center INDIE: Chernyshevska str. 4/6

The beginning at 18:00 EEST


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