ІІ Forum of Euromaidans Address to peoples and governments of the EU, USA and Canada

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By The Name Of Ukrainian People!

Authorized delegates from all Euromaidans of Ukraine, comprising over 50 representatives during the II Forum Euromaidans of Ukraine which took place in Odessa on February 19, 2014, it was unanimously decided to open appeal to the peoples and governments of the EU countries, USA and Canada regarding the aggravation of the socio-political situation in Ukraine.

It is already for more than three months that Ukrainian people are trying to defend their right to freedom, democracy and personal dignity. We have shed blood in this fight, yet Yanukovich’s regime continues its oppressions. He committed numerous crimes against his people and international law, including usurpation of power, hostage taking and illegal seizure of property, of foreign investors as well. All of the loans given to this regime were mostly plundered. Moreover the bigger share of the money stolen from the Ukrainian state was taken to your countries, thus exporting organized crime and cynical violations of basic norms of human morality.

We value the honest and consistent support of our struggle given by NGOs, governments of brotherly Poland, Canada, Baltic countries, as well as the weighty statements and “cold-blooded moves” on the side of other governments. Still we are expressing our bewilderment as to why these or other governments have been thoroughly avoiding any real measures to put pressure on agents of Yanukovich’s criminal and illegitimate regime, namely any real and targeted financial sanctions. Such passivity is even more incomprehensible with Russia’s purposeful policy of economical pressure and military intimidation.

We are fighting for our country and we fully understand our responsibility. Our cause is just, Ukrainian people will overcome in the end, no matter the barriers. We believe that our fight is not only important for us, that the Ukrainian case is now the concern of any honest and free person. Should a hard-line totalitarian regime be established in Ukraine, it will create new threats for the world’s democracy.

We call you to be systematic and thorough in understanding and representing resistance movement in Ukraine, to establish tighter connections with regional maidans and NGO’s that define political situation in Ukraine now. We believe that targeted financial and visa sanctions against the leaders of this criminal regime and its oligarchs are an effective mechanism to promote democratization in Ukraine.
We believe in Europe and its moral strength, in the greatness of the civilization of the united West, in future unity of souls of all people. This is what we are fighting for right now – together with all that is honest and worthy in humanity!

Responsible person:
Kovalenko Igor, Odessa


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