To World! To Ukraine! To People of Good Will!

Dec 11th, 2013 | By | Category: Civic Actions, Editor's Choice, In Depth, Ukraine

Sign says – everyone to the Kyiv

People of the World! The events of recent days have shown everyone that Ukrainian authorities have embarked on an unconstitutional course.

Dispersal of peaceful demonstrations, beatings, courts manipulated by the ruling powers have undermined the Constitution of Ukraine, which declares that life, health, honor and dignity of citizens of Ukraine are the highest values of the state. Today, in the course of two hours, Ukrainian authorities, through the militia and the specialized police squad “Berkut” have been destroying democratic values and people’s right to peaceful assembly. It is symbolic that this took place immediately upon the completion of International Human Rights Day. They are detaining peaceful protesters, journalists are prevented from doing their jobs. Democracy in Ukraine is in danger! Free people of the country are in danger! Is this comprehended by politicians of the world, human rights activists, journalists, and people of good will?

UKRAINE! Arise, Euromaidan is summoning you!

Everyone to the peaceful protests! Everyone who is at home telephone all churches and monasteries across the country and ask for the bells to toll. Kyiv large, Ukraine large and not all in Maidan can hear. But let the world hear: democracy in Ukraine at risk, but the Ukrainian people cannot be broken. Ring the church bells, let Europe hear and witness how they are destroying Kyivan Maidan.

Together till the end!

Civic organization Maidan Monitoring Information Center
Free People in Free Country.

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