Coordinator of #Euromaidan #Kharkiv attacked – four knife wounds

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Kharkiv – At about 21:00 on Ivanova street one of the coordinators of the Kharkiv Euromaidan Dmytro Pylypets was attacked by two people. According to Pylypets, he was beaten and stabbed four times.

Dmytro Pylypets reported that he was attacked at 21:30 by calling the editor of “MediaPort.”

“About a half an hour ago, I was attacked on Ivanova street (not far from the house where Dmytro Pylypetslives temporarily – Ed.). Two attackers beat me, about four knife stabs. People who were driving by saw that I needed help, stopped and took me to the ambulance service,” said Pylypets.”

Previously a generator valued at about 1000 euros was stolen from the Kharkiv Euromaidan, in addition the headquarters of the Kharkiv euromaidan were vandalized and two cars which belonged to protesters were set ablaze. Supporters of Euromaidan in Kharkiv believe that this is the work of the Mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes and Governor Mikhail Dobkin who are well known for their criminal past.

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