Resolution of Kharkiv Euromaidan Dedicated to the Militia (Police) Day.

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On December, 20, 2013 read out by Alexander Drobotenko, edited by Natalka Zubar.

Recent events obligate us to speak on the Militia Day of tragic and extremely important issues.

Nobody appearing to get into judicial, militia and criminal absolute power can feel protected. No one as well can feel protected facing criminal inertness of law enforcement authorities, which is the back of «militia lawlessness». Suppression of the «militia lawlessness» touches safety and calmness of any citizen of Ukraine regardless his social status and political or economic convictions.

In case the bloody acceleration of peaceful demonstration of November, 30 –  December, 01 in Kiev  and criminal conduct of certain members of special forces fail to get due estimation and conviction – they will spot disgrace upon all Ukrainian militia.

Kharkov Euromaidan considers that the initiation of investigation in regard to only three persons (Popov, Sivkovich and Koryak) is not an adequate answer for the occurred.  Even impossibility to reveal the personalities of “Berkut” members who assaulted the demonstrators (as stated by General Prosecutor`s Office) cannot allow preventing the punishment.

We suggest and demand:

  1. To release the list of special forces which participated in the assault of the demonstration at night time of December, 1 and to reveal and release their disposition before the start and in course of displacement of the demonstrators out from the square.
  2. To reveal and to release the list of special forces which directly contacted the demonstrators and run their displacement.
  3. To dismiss from Ministry of the Interior the commanders of the units which directly contacted the demonstrators and run their displacement (even section commanders) as those who failed to prevent criminal activities of their subordinates. The list of these commanders is to be announced.
  4. To disband the force units which directly run the displacement of demonstrators due to the disgrace spotted upon them and to relegate the complement to other units of Ministry of the Interior.
  5. To conduct the internal investigation relevant to the officials of Ministry of the Interior who had direct involvement in the clearance of Euromaidan at tight time of December, 1 whose mistakes in planning and fulfillment of the operation  led to emergence of the suffered and to disregard of law by the complement of special forces. To impose a punishment in the form of reduction in ranks and dismissal from Ministry of the Interior ranks due to severe consequences of the made mistakes .The list of the responsibles indicating the imposed punishment is to be announced.
  6. To initiate judicial scrutiny and to conduct internal investigation focused on the officials of Ministry of the Interior in charge of security measures of Presidential Administration on December, 1. In course of judicial scrutiny  and internal investigation to study the possibility of preliminary planned provocation or incompetent acts of the officials that led to severe consequences and to answer the questions as well:
  • Why back lines of internal military forces securing Presidential Administration were not equipped with safety shields and appeared defenseless in front of provocateurs’ impacts what led to a great number of injured members among the military personnel.
  • Why the aggressively acting provocateurs were not isolated from the crowd of demonstrators in due time, were not disarmed and detained.
  • Why the bulldozer attacking the lines of military forces was not stopped beforehand.
  • Who were those people in civilian clothes who actively performed on the side of the demonstrators and later on passed through the lines of militia forces and than returned back to the demonstrators.

To announce the list of the responsibles indicating the imposed punishment.

There is no possibility to return trust of the society to force structures without the above listed actions.

Kharkiv Evromaidan supports the initiative of the opposition to create an independent investigating committee to investigate the events.

The Ukrainian version of this text including video recording the voting

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