“Maidan Monitoring” analysts: Maidan crackdown in Kyiv last night was a deliberate act

Nov 30th, 2013 | By | Category: Crime, Editor's Choice, Protests, Ukraine

“Maidan Monitoring” analysts who witnessed the events in Kyiv believe that the Maidan crackdown last night was a deliberate act by Medvedchuk’s people.

The events happened immediately after the USA made it clear how it was going to react to a potential use of force. Berkut riot police used for the purpose was freshly brought from Crime and Luhansk Oblast (the ones who were at Hrushevskogo str. were not involved).

They were ordered to beat up everybody brutally in front of the cameras including street keepers. The street keepers are shocked.

Kyiv police officers helped protesters escape from Berkuts.

We would like to remind you that one of “Maidan Monitoring” Information Center primary goals is monitoring the freedom of peaceful gathering in Ukraine.


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