Letter to Canada’s Prime Minister, Press release : EU Ukraine summit

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Flag-Pins-Canada-UkraineFebruary 14, 2013

The Canadian Group for Democracy in Ukraine asked Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, to intervene in the release of Ukraine’s incarcerated political opposition leaders as a pre-requisite to the signing of the European Union’s Association Agreement.  Although the EU has given Ukraine until November to comply the issue is central to the EU-Ukraine Summit to be held on February 25 in Brussels.

“The EU is prepared to sign the key Association Agreement, including a free-trade accord, provided Ukraine meets certain major conditions. The key one is the resolution of the incarcerated opposition politicians.  The moment is of huge historic significant for the future of Ukraine”, the Group says in its letter.

By asking Canada to call on President Viktor Yanukovych to respond positively to the EU position, the Group aims to assist Ukraine in becoming a signatory to the Agreement.

It appears that Ukraine is anxious to sign.  Postponement of its latest meeting on the Customs Union with Russia et al, active diversification of energy supply away from Russia supports this as does the President’s recent statement that Ukraine “can’t fail to react to the EU’s constant criticism on this (incarceration) question.”

To ensure a positive outcome of the Summit the Group seeks Canada’s intervention in pressuring Ukraine to support “…the great value of the Association Agreement and need for Ukraine to meet the EU’s conditions.”  It urges a joint statement by Canada and the United States to send a strong message to President Yanukovych to do the right thing and comply.

Letter is attached here: DFAIT MIN. Baird FINAL EU Ukraine letter

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