Euromaidan Democracy Movement in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Elects Delegates to National Forum to Be Held 11-12 January, 2014

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[The following text was prepared for English language media by Nestor Scherbey, with minor edits by Marcin Żmudzki, based on Ukrainian language text and video recording posted HERE on the official Ukrainian language site of Euromaidan Kharkiv. If you have any comments, corrections or supplemental information regarding this transcript and synopsis, please leave a comment below. Thanks! — Marcin Żmudzki]


Participants of the growing popular democracy movement in Ukraine called Euromaidan held a public town hall meeting in a square in downtown Kharkiv, Ukraine, on December 29th. Nearly a thousand people braved cold winter weather to gather to vote to elect delegates to a national Euromaidan meeting to be held in this eastern Ukrainian city on January 11-12, 2014, in a sign that the huge protests in Ukraine’s capital since November had their counterparts in other large cities throughout the country.

Victoria Sklyarova, a member of the coordinating council of the Kharkhiv Euromaidan movement opened the meeting with the now traditional greeting of “Glory to Ukraine” to which the crowd responded “Glory to the Heroes”. She proceeded to efficiently nominate candidates to be elected delegates in a voting process held by a public show of hands and acclamation. The movement selected Ms. Nadia Savynskaya, a 26 year-old ecologist and university lecturer, Mr. Dmytro Pylypets, a 32 year-old physician and, Mr. Oleh Zakapenko, a 37 year-old businessman. Despite the participation of a significant number of middle-aged and older citizens in the meeting, the selection of these representatives of a new post-Soviet generation of highly educated professionals and businesspersons is an indication of the European and Western aspirations of these people for Ukraine’s future.

Transcript of Video

[Victoria Sklarova – 1:21 minutes]:

SKLAROVA: Glory to Ukraine!

PUBLIC: Glory to the Heroes!

SKLAROVA: With pure thoughts, we may now proceed to good deeds. On behalf of the coordinators, it is proposed that we elect delegates from Kharkiv for the All-Ukrainian Forum of the Euromaidan. The first (nominee) is Dmytro Pylypets. Who is for (him)?

PUBLIC: We are for him! [Shouts from participants and a nearly unanimous show of hands]

SKLAROVA: Who is against?

[No response or show of hands from the participants.]

SKLAROVA: Who abstained?

 [One female participant raised her hand.]

SKLAROVA: The next candidate is Nadia Savynskaya, a girl who carried our box (during meetings) that everyone will remember.

[Acclamation from the participants.]

SKLAROVA: Who is for her?

[A nearly unanimous show of hands from the participants.]

SKLAROVA: Who is against?

[No response or show of hands from participants.]

SKLAROVA: Who abstained?

[One lady and one man raised their hands.]

SKLAROVA: And the third candidate for delegate is an activist and member of the coordinating council, Oleh Zakapenko. Who is for him? (Sklarova)

[A show of hands from the participants.]

SKLAROVA: Who is against him?

[One person votes against the candidate, noted by Sklarova.]

SKLAROVA: Who abstained?

[Two persons held back their votes, noted by Sklarova.]

SKLAROVA: As a result – welcome! We will welcome a truly historic event in our city. In Kharkiv in the east of Ukraine, we will hold the first All-Ukrainian Forum of the Euromaidans of Ukraine. Thank you!

Original Video Recording and Photos of Delegates


More Information

More information in English about the up-coming Forum is available here:

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