National Euromaidan Forum to Be Held in Kharkiv in January

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The following resolution was passed by the All-Ukraine Euromaidan Conference in Kyiv on 27 December 2013.


1. We resolve to hold the first All-Ukraine Euromaidan Forum on 11-12 January 2014 in Kharkiv.

2. We resolve to include the following issues on the Forum’s agenda:

  1. Action plan for establishing a responsible democracy in Ukraine
  2. Coordination and communication methodology for all Euromaidans
  3. Security measures and legal protection for Euromaidans
  4. Financial support for Euromaidan operations
  5. Intellectual and artistic collaboration among Euromaidan participants
  6. Information policy coordination and unification
  7. Civic education at Euromaidans
  8. Miscellaneous

3. Local Euromaidans are to publicly elect delegates to the Forum. The following documentation must be provided to the Forum Organizing Committee as proof of each delegate’s authorization by 6 January 2014:

  • A video recording showing how a given candidate was publicly elected (it is allowed to elect a delegate without his or her being present)
  • Information about the delegate provided on a public questionnaire developed by the Forum Organizing Committee.

All information about delegates is public.

Delegates must agree to use specific means of communication that will be provided by the Forum Organizing Committee.

Travel expenses such as round-trip tickets to Kharkiv and local transportation in Kharkiv are to be financed by the delegates themselves or from their respective local Euromaidan resources. Accomodation and food is paid by the delegates.

The number of delegates from each Euromaidan must not exceed 3 people, with emphasis on the quality of delegates rather than their number.

Kyiv Euromaidan is to be represented at the Forum by delegates of Euromaidan civic setups, with not more than 3 people from each setup.

The All-Ukraine Euromaidan Conference recommends that local Euromaidans do not choose members of parliamentary parties as their delegates.

4. The All-Ukraine Euromaidan Forum will be held over two days. On the first day, talks will be held in working groups which will draw conclusions from previous discussions and develop final proposals. On the second day, delegates will approve these proposals. The Forum Organizing Committee is working out detailed rules for conducting Forum meetings.

5. Kharkiv Euromaidan provides technical support to the Forum Organizing Committee.

All delegates to the All-Ukraine Euromaidan Conference automatically become members of the Forum Organizing Committee. Euromaidan representatives who were not represented at the All-Ukraine Euromaidan Conference may apply to join the Forum Organizing Committee, with their admission subject to approval by existing members of the Forum Organizing Committee.

Forum Organizing Committee members are to use Google Groups, where they can participate in working groups to develop certain pending issues related to the Forum’s agenda. Working groups appoint the coordinator and work rules independently. Overall coordination of Google Groups is to be performed by Natalka Zubar (Kharkiv).

The Civic Expert Council works with the Forum Organizing Committee and it communicates with its representative in the Google Group — namely, the Kapranov brothers. The Civic Expert Council may develop its own proposals and should respond to requests from Organizing Committee members, but it does not have the right to approve any final decisions.

6. All participants of the All-Ukraine Euromaidan Conference shall communicate with their communities and local Euromaidans to ensure that Euromaidan representation at the All-Ukraine Euromaidan Forum is as broad-based and productive as possible.

The All-Ukraine Euromaidan Conference appeals to all Euromaidans to actively participate in preparations for the Forum and to delegate their most competent and experienced representatives so that many local Maidans are transformed into the one coordinated, effective and victorious force.

The above resolution is approved at the All-Ukraine Euromaidan Conference by 34 representatives from 17 Euromaidans and three civic communities of the Kyiv Euromaidan.

The All-Ukraine Euromaidan Conference in Kyiv included representatives of the following cities:

  1. Berezhany
  2. Berdyansk
  3. Kalush
  4. Kharkiv
  5. Kherson
  6. Khmelnitsky
  7. Kyiv
  8. Kirovograd
  9. Lviv
  10. Odesa
  11. Poltava
  12. Pustomyty
  13. Rivne
  14. Striy
  15. Uzhgorod
  16. Vinnytsya
  17. Vynogradiv

Official Page of the All-Ukraine Euromaidan Forum in Kharkiv

The official English language page of the first All-Ukraine Euromaidan Forum is here.

Proceedings of the All-Ukraine Euromaidan Conference in Kiev

Video recording of the conference (in the Ukrainian language).
Moderators – Nadiia Savynska (coordinator of euromaidan Kharkiv), Kapranov brothers (Kyiv hosts)

Video streaming by Ustream

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