National Euromaidan Forum – International Observer Registration

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Forum Observers

Any person can apply to participate in the All-Ukraine Euromaidan Forum as an observer. Observers, including international observers, may propose topics or activities for working groups. Observers may address the Forum and participate in working group discussions. Observers may not participate in any elections or vote on any rules or resolutions of the Forum.

All observer applications are subject to approval by the Forum Organizing Committee. Your application will be evaluated based on completeness of your responses in the registration form, the substance of your proposals and your resume, affiliations or credentials.

By submitting your application for forum observer status, you agree to specific means of communication that will be provided by the Forum Organizing Committee — e.g., Google Groups.

Travel expenses such as round-trip tickets to Kharkiv, local transportation in Kharkiv and accommodation, meals and incidentals in Kharkiv are to be financed exclusively by the observers themselves or by their respective organizations. The Forum Organizing Committee appreciates the observers’ participation and support, but does not cover the observers’ expenses. The Forum Organizing Committee can facilitate finding accommodations for you and advise you on where the best food places are.

Forum Observer Registration Form

Please fill out and submit this form to register for the Forum as an international observer.

More Information

More information in English about the up-coming Forum is available here:


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