Week 10 of Parliamentary Election in Ukraine: It’s Cold Outside

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7th Summary of “Maidan Monitoring: Election 2012” Project Findings

Parliamentary election campaign in Ukraine officially started on July 30th 2012. What had happened before that date we described in our previous reports (report #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6).

There were 1030 violations added to our interactive map http://maidan.org.ua/vybory2012/?l=en_US  as of Oct 14, 143 of which relate to the events happened during the last week (compared to 104 last week).

Week 10 Week 9
Agitation order violations 91 67
Administrative pressure 33 29
Fraud 26 12
Bribery of voters 22 17
Inequality of participants 22 14
Obstruction of agitation 19 14
Illegal campaign financing 16 9
Violence 11 6
Illegal publication of sociology data 11 5
Violations in functioning of election commissions 8 9
Unlawful coercion 4 1
Mass media rights violation 4 1

Note that some cases included several categories of violations.

 A new videotaped evidence of social workers used for agitation for Party of regions emerged. A detailed account of a social worker from a village in Poltava region explains how the system works (in Ukrainian).

There are reports from Nizhyn (Chernigiv region), Donetsk and Kherson about unlawful coercion towards students making them to attend agitation events of certain candidates. In Uman the big banner of Party of regions is displayed right on the University.

Banner of Party of regions with president Yanukovych on State Pedagogic University in Uman, near Cherkasy.

Administrative pressure is being used for placement of political advertising in state or communal facilities, there are even cases of agitation for Party of regions placed right in local election commissions reported.

Obstruction of agitation reports deal with removal of billboards of candidates, destruction of agitation tents, and direct violence towards agitators.

October 13th regional appeal court in Kharkiv banned the meeting of Arseniy Yatsenyuk with voters planned for 15th at the central Freedom square, the court decision stated that the square is the place of recreation and the meeting could interfere with it. The ruling literally says: “the meetingagainst the government is impossible”.

In Kharkiv dozens of reports on obstruction of agitation by opposition and independent candidates are neglected by the police. On October 5th 4 candidates with 100 citizens rallied the regional police headquarters demanding the proper investigation of obstruction of agitation reports. They had sent a compliant to Prosecutor General as well.

Rally in Kharkiv demanding the police to investigate election related crimes.

Fake leaflet of an independent candidate labeled a member of Party of regions in Kremenets near Ternopol

Fake leaflets and newspapers are being produced all over the country mostly containing defamation towards certain candidate or a party.

There are numerous reports of dead people being listed in voters’ registrar, same error persists since 2004. Some local election commissions had not started functioning in Kiyv, Donetsk and Vinnytsya. In Kherson the invitations to vote (mandatory attribute of a campaign) were delivered to citizens along with Party of regions leaflets.

Numbers of lawsuits are still being considered in courts related to drawing of membership in local election commissions. We have documented complaints from 28 district election commissions (numbers: 10, 17, 53, 67, 79, 97, 133, 137, 139, 141, 142, 143, 145, 146, 150, 151, 153, 163, 164, 165, 167, 175, 180, 183, 190, 212, 218, 223).

There is a report of a candidate in district #30 registered by the Central Election Commission while he was in hospital in Dniprodzerzhinsk unmovable with bad trauma. Legal procedure requires candidate to fill the application in Kyiv at the CEC personally.


Note that only about 25% of reports we are getting are published on our map due to strict requirements of evidence provided.

Most violations reported during that period were localized in Kyiv city (22), Kharkiv region (11), Kherson region (8), Khmelnytsky region (8), Donetsk region (8), Znytomyr region (8).


Real time tables of violation stats can be accessed here http://maidan.org.ua/vybory2012/stats/en/  or from top menu of the map “STATS”. At the bottom of page you can find the link to download Excel tables. The tables are interactive – click and hover over everything. There are stats by locations, by districts, etc.

New! Stats on articles of law violated are available (Ukrainian only)

“Maidan-Monitoring: Election 2012” project is implemented by Civic Information and Methodology Center “Vsesvit”. It is supported by the International Renaissance Foundation. The project is not affiliated with any political party or candidate. We map the violations of electoral law submitted by any party or candidate if it meets the project requirements – video or photo evidence, background check and is evaluated by our lawyers as possible violation. Read more about the project.

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