Was the Dnipropetrovsk bombing a dress rehearsal for the real state of emergency in Ukraine?

Apr 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Crime, News, Ukraine

by Walter Derzko

Was the Dnipropetrovsk bombing a dress rehearsal for the real state of emergency that will justify the cancellation of the Fall Parliamentary elections in Ukraine?

Back in February , the Strategic Foresight Institute (SFI) outlined 19 plausible scenarios in an talk titled: What are the Party of Regions and Yanukowych Capable of in 2012?

Number 9 on our list was: Terrorist acts instigated by the SBU? Declaration of a State Of emergency, cancellation of fall election?

After the explosions in Dnipropetrovsk on Friday, the government banned all mass gatherings in the city….we will have to wait to see how long this ban lasts…isn’t it odd all these events usually happen on a Friday…did you ever notice that?

The opposition in Ukraine immediately speculated that these attacks were orchestrated by the regime. (Opposition suggests government were behind Ukraine bomb attacks in Dnipropetrovsk  )

Some are speculating that this was a signal to anyone wishing to stage protests against the government during Euro 2012,–the government will use the pretext of future bomb threats or terrorist attacks or another false flag attack, as a way to curtail any mass demonstrations against the regime

Dnipropetrovsk was the perfect city to stage a dry run. It’s not a Euro 2102 host city, yet it’s right in the middle of the traditional Yanukowych and Party of Regions voter support base for the regime, whose popularity is dropping in the polls to below Tymoshenko’s ratings.

According to Kyiv observers, cell phone communications and internet access was cut off in the entire city of Dnipropetrovsk within about 15 minutes to half an hour maximum for the entire city, after the first bomb exploded.

Was this a dry run for the real “state of emergency” which may likely happen after Euro 2102 in August or September as a pretext to cancel the Oct 2102 parliamentary election?

TVi reported on Friday that the government is spending massive amounts of money on riot gear for police and the interior ministry in anticipate of pre-election and post election tensions.

While a cell phone and internet blackout is justifiable in a terrorist bomb attack, it shows that the regime can isolate a city of 1 million people from the rest of the world in a matter of minutes.

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