Lutsenko to Michnik

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“Yuriy, I admire your courageous stance as an independent democrat and patriot of Ukraine. I believe that my thoughts and feelings are shared by many Poles,” – Adam Michnik wrote last week in “Gazeta Wyborcza”(01.03.12).
Now, Yuriy Lutsenko has sent a reply from the Kyiv prison where he is serving his four-year sentence. One of the leaders of the Orange Revolution in 2004, and later a close associate of former Prime Minister Julia Tymoshenko, sentenced to seven years of imprisonment, the former Foreign Minister /Minister of the Interior, trans./ went to jail for allegedly improperly augmenting the pension of his driver and improper expenditure for commemoration of Militia Day.

Dear Adam,

I’m very grateful for your letter with its words of support. I was especially pleased to receive a letter from you, whom I consider an example of the eternal fight for honor and against corruption.

I understand that it’s not just about me or Julia Tymoshenko. Your expression of solidarity today, at this time of a temporary, but drastic spasm of neo-totalitarianism, is very important for Ukrainian society; once again, Ukraine is being deprived of its freedom and herded into a zone of fear.


Once again, we pass the test of choice. I understand that the twisted circle of Ukraine’s history requires blood and sweat yet another time for us in to finally get on the European track.

In prison, I read that the Basques use the term “topian tokiko” – the ability not to submit when everything has turned against you. The literal translation is “the roots of trees growing on the cliffs.”

The foundation of my beliefs and actions has always consisted of following in the steps of worthy predecessors. Adam, your example is one of the stones on the cliffs of freedom, which will remain insuperable.

We will prevail !
With my gratitude,

Yuriy Lutsenko

Lukyanivska Detention Centre, Kyiv, March 4, 2012

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