What Constitutional Court of Ukraine is doing other than refusing citizens and opposition?

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Citizens and organizations in Ukraine have a right to appeal to Constitutional Court for official interpretation of Constitution and laws. In 2003-2010 there were 2617 such appeals registered. 2446 were returned to senders for “revisions” and only in 32 cases they were accepted for legal proceedings (and 3 of them were closed later).

Maidan got these numbers in response to request for information from Constitutional Court. Scan of the response and legal analysis is available in Ukrainian.

Constitutional Court of Ukraine processes only 1,22% of appeals from citizens. Last year this huge and expensive institution accepted for consideration only 48 appeals of citizens and companies or four in a month. This is big progress since in 2009 it processed only 20 appeals.

Of course, there is a possibility that some of citizens’ appeals do not comply with the legal procedure. However common sense tells the number of non-compliant appeals cannot be 98,78%. The appeals of Maidan lawyers were returned without review, same happened with appeals of many human rights organizations and activists.

Constitutional Court also accepts appeals of MPs (450 total) and President and in theory is obliged to process them all. However an opposition MP Serhij Vlasenko (read his report in Russian) recently reported that Constitutional Court simply ignores an appeal of 52 opposition MPs – does not send refusals and does not open any legal proceedings.

Constitutional Court has 368 employees (only 18 judges among them), occupies 12.153 sq.m. of office space and spends 59 millions hryvnas a year (7,8 millions USD).

PS. In 2004 Constitutional Court of Ukraine ruled out that two terms of presidency of Leonid Kuchma (1994-1999, 1999-2004) equals one.

The building of Constitutional Court in Kyiv. That is where 48 cases a year are being reviewed


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