Ukrainian reporters’ movement “Stop Censorship” expresses concerns over arrests of Georgian colleagues

Jul 13th, 2011 | By | Category: Freedom of Speech, Georgia, Ukraine

Ukrainian reporters’ movement “Stop Censorship” is deeply concerned over detentions of leading Georgian photographers who are accused of espionage. The movement unites Ukrainian reporters who are committed to freedom of speech and media.

We know them as respected professionals of the highest caliber. They have repeatedly risked their lives, and in particular during the Russia-Georgia war, to ensure the society stays informed on key developments.

Respecting a right of each country to defend its national interests, we are certain that such serious accusations which resulted in arrests of the photographers could not be done without clear and convincing evidences being presented to the society.

We live in the country where the authorities and the judicial system are abusing their powers more and more frequently, including in relation to media.

We urge the Georgian authorities to set a good example for neighboring countries in the region and stick to their chosen course of developing democracy. It is impossible to achieve without fair courts and free media.

Reporters’ movement “Stop Censorship”


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