The Crime of the Communists: They Steal Lives, Flowers and Matches.

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Since the mass demonstrations in Warsaw on April 10, I started monitoring Polish sources expecting something like our “Ukraine without Kuchma” action to start there.

I saw an amazing video. It is named “Illegal flowers”. On April 13 people laid yellow tulips on a pavement on a Krakowske Przedmiesce street on front of the president’s palace in memoriam of Maria Kaczynska, the wife of the killed president.

A municipal guard appeared promptly (it looks as if they follow every step of Solidarni 2010, they were present on the spot too). About ten law enforcement officers were safeguarding the single municipal garbage collector who picked up the flowers despite the loud but peaceful protests of passers by.

The answer to the question why the flowers were removed was not provided. See for yourself. Pay attention to the facial expressions of the guards.


One of the numerous comments on this video:
“Polish schizophrenia – during the martial state declared in Poland in 1981-1983 we were laying a cross of flowers on Krakowske Przedmiesce street. And ZOMO (Motorized Reserves of the Citizens’ Militia, most notably known for quelling civil rights protests and riot control) entertained themselves by crushing the flowers with their boots or some criminal gang had been stealing the flowers at night. We laid the cross again until the Round Table Agreement in 1989. The history repeats itself and they stand where ZOMO was standing then. We are beaten and hounded again.”

I commented on that video too “People, what the hell is going on in Poland? Here in Ukraine we consider Poland to be a democratic country (unlike ours) and what I see after April 10th on this and other videos is absolutely absurd – even here law enforcement officers won’t pick flowers from the street. We had many events where flowers were left on the pavement and nobody ever touched them, just garbage collectors picked them up later. “

I’ve got this reply: “Sorry to disappoint you, democracy in Poland is just a facade. Maybe the blind consumer and demoralized society will see it before it’s too late. Current Poland is a continuation of the communist era with red nomenclature living like kings on fortunes they stole, and masquerading as our “elite”. Besides, what’s positive in democracy when the vast majority of people are ignorant? That’s exactly what the establishment wants, polarized and stupid sheep, not a mature society. “

And a friend’s friend from Poland commented on my previous article Media Duped or Silenced? Why the Silence about Tens of Thousands Polish Citizens on the Street?
“People in Poland were duped long time ago by their own and by communist bastards.
All [that was] there was to be stolen, was stolen long time ago (1989 – 1992) when they were still in total control of Polish parliament. They have passed the laws allowing them to steal whatever they could.
During that time they have passed all the needed laws and legislation allowing them to steal and at the same time legalizing that theft. Now they are laughing in poor people faces and it’s too late to do anything. It is exactly what they did and still doing in Ukraine. “

The feedback on this video from some Poles is amazing. Those people blame for not laying the flowers in the cemetery. Another says: “Want to commemorate death? Do it in your own apartment!” The argument that in London thousands of people brought flowers to Buckingham Palace on the anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death and nobody even thought of removing the flowers had absolutely no effect on these people. They still claim that what we see on these videos is the political PR of an opposition party.

In my previous article I mentioned the brutal beating of a journalist from “Gazeta Polska” Michal Strozyk by the municipal guards of Warsaw. The video displaying the whole process is now available.

I do not ask any more why the international media is silent (it will be obvious from the facts below) and is still duped, – google and you will see. I wonder where are the statements of “Reporters Without the Borders”? I alerted Ukrainian representative on that issue two days ago.

Many people in Poland, including my associates from the Ukrainian diaspora, refuse to believe their eyes and claim that the journalist provoked the guards and faked his injures. People from Solidarni 2010 filmed him in hospital and questioned the doctor on his condition. See for yourself

The doctor says that his condition requires full rest and that he stay in bed. You can see for yourself that his neck is injured. The guards still have not returned his property – a laptop and a professional video camera.

However, even worse, an attack of schizophrenia occurred in Brussels in the European Parliament where the photo exhibition dedicated to the deadly flight of the Polish President named “Truth and Memory. Smolensk Crash” was blatantly censored. See for yourself

Photos by Polish newspaper

An in depth article in Polish about this outrageous incident is available here. All uncensored exhibits are here with their English titles – I recommend you to examine them carefully. The act of censorship was ordered by the members of European Parliament from 5 different counties (see official letter and full list of MPs). In addition to censoring the taglines they had also removed one the exhibits with introductory text.

The Polish opposition party PiS (Right and Justice) called a press-conference on this incident. You can hear it here in Polish

The speaker informed that the photo exhibition was the highlight of the campaign for the establishment of an international investigation into the Smolensk catastrophe and 400.000 Poles had already signed the petition. Like myself those Poles suspect the Russian and Polish governments are covering the truth about the crash.

I could not find any news pieces in English about this event but in some Polish media. Follow the link to read some lame excuses.

My friend Evhen Zherebetskyi commented on that video and photos: “This is an international scandal. The European Union on Russia’s request is acting against a member of NATO and the EU”.

My friend Vladyslav Zapotichnyj wrote: “After the Smolensk catastrophe everyone was saying it’s Katyn-2, but nobody really understood it’s a real re-make of the Katyn massacre, the analogies were drawn only with the death of the elite, however now we see the repetition of the whole tragedy. As in 1939 everyone knows and understands who did it however they are afraid to voice it for fear of facing the wrath of Moscow’s servants.”

Katyn was a massacre of the top 20,000 of the Polish Elite, initially blamed on the Nazis. Eventually the Soviets were forced to admit that they did it. The trip to Smolensk was to commemorate the loss of the Polish elite in the Katyna massacre. In the mysterious crash at Smolensk, which the Russians and their puppets in Warsaw refuse to properly investigate, the current Polish Elite was killed. You can study the Katyn events in depth at wikipedia

While working on this article I saw an amazing Associated Press video.

AP writes: “Cameras caught Czech President Vaclav Klaus last week as he stealthily pocketed a pen during a joint appearance with Chile’s leader. The video of the act has gone viral on YouTube.”

And suddenly I recalled a story I translated 20+ years ago by Gilbert Keith Chesterton The Crime of the Communist from the book “The Scandal of Father Brown” (1935). In this story a communist had automatically pocketed the matches somebody lent him to light a cigar.

Here is a short quote from this evergreen story that I wholeheartedly recommend that you read:
“It is a Communist habit by no means confined to Communists. It is the extraordinary habit of so many men, especially Englishmen, of putting other people’s matchboxes in their pockets without remembering to return them. Of course, it seems an awfully silly little trifle to talk about. But it does happen to be the way the crime was committed”.

And it all clicked together – Warsaw guards stealing flowers and a journalist’s hardware, members of the European Parliament from 5 different countries stealing comments from the Polish photos… And this sequence follows the Russian special forces stealing the life of a Polish President.

They are communists regardless of modern party labels – they simply cannot help but steal, they are programmed like that.

“Solidarni 2010” are traveling with their white tent across the Krakowske Przedmiesce street. They are asking Poles to join them. A youtube channel invited to share videos of people commenting near the traveling tent. At a press-conference on April 12 their spokesperson, Ewa Stankiewicz, promised they will be doing it daily until their demands are satisfied. They demand the establishment of an international investigation of the Smolensk crash, the publication of satellite videos and the dismissal of prime minister Donald Tusk for betrayal of Polish sovereignty. If you understand Polish please listen to Eva’s speech:

22 years ago when I helped people from Solidarność in Częstochowa to distribute flyers before the historic elections of 1989 I was pretty sure that they would win those elections and Poland would be free from communism and then Ukraine would soon be free from the USSR as well. Supposedly it happened indeed.

In my worst nightmare I could not imagine then I would be writing articles to alert the international community on danger of communism revival and human rights violations in Poland. Or about political prisoners in Ukraine. The fates of our countries are interlaced as if they were blood lines…

I sent mail to “Solidarni 2010” with the final line: “Za wolność waszą i naszą!” (“For our and your freedom!”)

Natalka Zubar

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  1. Klaudiusz says:

    It is amazing hw they are afraid of the memory…

  2. pani says:

    I want to thank all people who contributed to that article. Who were voluteering with information, commenting, correcting and verifying it, adding links, proof-reading my text, noticing something on videos. This is truly collaborative work. More than 20 contributors total (I don’t mean the information sources metioned, only people who participated.

    I won’t be able to write this without your help.

    And special thanks to Klaudiusz who alerted me of proceedings. I was totally in the dark about the situation in Poland.

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