Remembering the Millions Who Perished in Ukraine’s 1932 -33 Famine – Act of Genocide

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……..Millions were children and infants ..Will you join us !

 As people awake on Saturday November 26, 2011, Ukrainians in Ukraine and abroad in partnership with members of the international community who respect life and condemn atrocities against mankind, will light a candle and remember  the millions who perished in the Great Ukrainian Famine (Holodomor) in 1932-33 at the hands of Stalin’s communist regime.

Remembered will be the millions of children, in fact nearly half of those who perished were children. Mothers and fathers saw their families and  the elderly  starve to death in front of their eyes and in turn themselves died because of Stalin’s horrific regime.

 Raphael Lemkin, a Polish lawyer of Jewish descent,  best known for his work against genocide, a word he coined in 1943 from the root words genos (Greek for family, tribe, or race) and -cede Latin for killing  said, This is not simply a case of mass murder. It is a case of genocide, of destruction, not of individuals only, but of a culture and a nation.  .Soviet national unity is being created, not by any union of ideas and of cultures, but by the complete destruction of all cultures and of all ideas save one…….  ”

Prof Norman Naimark of Stamford University in his book Stalin’s Genocide writes,

“Can the Ukrainian Famine be considered genocide? It would seem so. There is a great deal of evidence, connivance in the circumstances that brought on a shortage of grain ….and made it impossible for Ukrainians to find food for their survival “

Prof Naimark continues ….”The bottom line is that Stalin, Molotov, Kagonovich and their ilk were convinced that Ukrainian peasants   were enemies of the people and deserved to die”

Victorian Government Minister, Matthew Guy said in Parliament this week

“. ….The Holodomor was an attempt to subdue the nation 78 years ago, destroyed its national Spirit. Soviet authorities brutally eliminated millions of innocent Ukrainians, causing irreparable harm to the social fabric of the country and its society, spiritual culture and ethnic identity………….. May our memory of the victims of the genocide of the Ukrainian nation be eternal.

Fifteen  Parliaments around the world  have recognised the Holodomor as an act of Genocide. These decisions did not come lightly.

 “The Australia Federation of Ukranian Organisation calls on all Australians to light a candle and remember the millions who perished.” AFUO Chairman Stefan Romaniw said today

“You can light a candle today, tomorrow or any day and remember. This will ensure that this terrible human tragedy is not forgotten ” Mr  Romaniw said

The previous Government of Ukraine declared the Great Famine of 1932-33 known as Holodomor was an act of Genocide.

So having all of the above and more, the AFUO asks the question of today’s President,  Victor Yanukovych;

“Mr President, What is that you don’t understand,  What part of this tragedy don’t you get? How can the leader of a nation deny what the archives and historians have now shown to be genocide? Join the ongoing battle for recognition on behalf of the millions of children and their parents who perished.”

President Yanukovych has taken a different position stating that it was not genocide, a position held by the Russian leadership.

As we pray and remember the millions who perished needlessly and in painful circumstances, we also pray that the President of Ukraine and Government fall in  line with many other governments and the international Ukrainian community in the battle of having the Holodomor recognised as an act of genocide, and an atrocity against mankind.

Australia’s Ukrainian community  will hold services and events throughout  Australia on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 of November 2011.


 Further information :Contact Stefan Romaniw 0419531255

. Further details www.ozeukes. com

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