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Open appeal to the Speaker of Ukrainian Parliament V.Lytvyn

Honored Speaker of Parliament of Ukraine!

We, the undersigned, appeal to you with a proposal to submit the Parliament of Ukraine as well as individual MPs for the Guinness World Records consideration in the following categories: “Parliament whose members voted for most absent colleagues during one vote” and “Member of Parliament who voted for most absent colleagues during one vote”.


We believe that submitting the Parliament of Ukraine for the Guinness World Records consideration in the abovementioned categories would substantially boost the authority of the supreme legislative of Ukraine both nationally and internationally, especially in the context of resolution 1755 (2010) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe  “The functioning of democratic institutions in Ukraine”

Members of Parliament who vote for 4-6 absent colleagues should be widely known and properly respected as they are doing something their foreign colleagues cannot replicate. Ukrainian citizens should be able to be proud of the achievements of their elected representatives. The outstanding accomplishments of Ukrainians are not properly represented in the Guinness World Records and that would be unpatriotic to neglect an opportunity to increase presence of Ukraine in the Guinness World Records.

Honored Speaker of Parliament of Ukraine we hope you are well aware of importance of this opportunity to our young nation as Ukrainians indeed need to be able to take pride in the unique achievements of their internationally known compatriots, especially if they are elected members of parliament.

Therefore we urge you to immediately submit the Parliament of Ukraine as well as individual MPs for the Guinness World Records consideration and to provide the necessary conditions for arrival of the Guinness World Records representatives to Ukraine in order to properly evaluate Ukrainian MPs’ achievements..
We – on our part – we’ll assure respective media coverage of your response to our appeal as well as maximum  support to the record breaking attempt.

We hope that you will back our proposal. However if for some reason you would not support our initiative we’ll have to contact Guinness World Records ourselves. For we want the whole world to know, that Ukraine has unique records and the citizens of Ukraine are proud of them!
Considering social importance of this issue we ask to send the written response to the address…

With firm belief in your awareness of the importance of this common cause for everyone concerned in the image of Ukrainian parliamentarism – we, the undersigned…
Citizens of Ukraine

–       Viktor Garbar
–       Natalka Zubar
–       Olexander Severyn
–       and hunderds of others – full list is here

You can add your signature here or by email to . If you are not citizen of Ukraine please add your country.

If you like this appeal – please distribute it!

The signatures will be collected till September 2011. At the beginning of new parliamentary session we will send this appeal to the Speaker and advertise this event. We studied Guinness World Records rules and made sure it is possible indeed. Appeal to the Speaker would have enclosed rules of submission to Guinness World Records translated into Ukrainian.


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