Maidan started producing movies. First one is “Ukraine. A Banana Republic Forever?!”

May 10th, 2011 | By | Category: Against Absentee Voting of Members of Parliament, News, Ukraine

As a development of our civic campaign “Shoot the piano player!” – against non personal voting of members of Ukrainian Parliament – we created a first short movie. See for yourself:

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One of  the first viewers of this movie wrote:

I am very angry about this. I will do everything to publicise this as far and wide as possible starting with asking my local parliament member who represents my London constituency to ask the foreign secretary of the UK to summon Ukraine’s ambassador to explain the behaviour on this video to him. I will also send  it to to the BBC here.

We are asking all our readers to follow his steps. Distribute this movie where possible – on websites, blogs, forums, social networks, offer to your local TV channels, send to friends. Here is the link

Ukrainian authorities are still taking into account the opinion of Western politicians. Let’s use this in our fight with parliamentary fraud!

This movie will be translated into Polish and German. If you could translate it to other languages please write to

To be continued….

PS. Full movie credits are here

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  1. Pavlo Shostak says:

    Ultimately, they could all go on sabbatical, leaving just one guy there to push the keys. A one-man band.

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