Maidan reveals Ukrainian Parliament’s expenditures. What were they hiding from people?

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For many years the Ukrainian Parliament did not publish its annual budget and expenditures. Since 2009 Maidan tried to make Parliament reveal this information. Our requests for information were declined; we lost several court proceedings against the Parliament’s practice of not revealing this information. In the course of this campaign Parliament started to publish its annual budgets (in 2010 and 2011) but not its expenditures.

Finally in May 2011 after our public threat to appeal to the European Court on Human Rights for violation of the right to information, Parliament had sent us its expenditures for 2009 and 2010. Independent journalist Ivan Krasikov had recently obtained the explanatory notes for Parliament expenditures in 2010 detailing the spending.

The analysis of information obtained raises questions about Parliament’s spending. Due to different yearly reports format it’s impossible to tell why Parliament’s expenditures had increased 17% or 116 millions from 2009 to 2010. One of the components of this increase is the reconstruction of one of Parliament’s buildings which cost 8 times higher than market prices for similar work.

The Parliamentary budget of 2011 first introduced norms of spending for one MP. According to this norm only 25% of the budget is spent for MP’s activities. What the other 75% are spent for?

132 million or about 16,5% of yearly expenditures in 2010 are spent for unspecified reasons using the murky article 1343 titled “other current transfers to people” that lists various types of spending, none of which could be considered “legislative activity”, that are funded via this article according to explanatory note.

The format of the yearly budget of Parliament and the yearly expenditure report differs and it’s impossible to fully compare the budget and the spending without explanatory notes which are not part of the official document.

Maidan is determined to get the information about the full breakdown or Parliamentary spending. We hope that this time it will not take 2 years, since a new law on access to public information has been implemented.

Read the detailed article about Parliamentary expenditures in Ukrainian.

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