In Russia court ordered to destroy computer as a tool of crime – libelous text in a blog

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June 9. Kazan. Russia.

Yuri Egorov

The court of Soviet district of Kazan city finished the case about the blog posts on 2009 where ex-employee of local ombudsman accused him of financial affairs with office salaries. The defendant 43 old lawyer Yuri Egorov wrote in his blog that 400.000-600.000 rubles of salaries annually were not paid to employees and instead were paid as bonuses to ombudsman’s Rashit Vagizov favorites.


Vagizov, who left the ombudsman’s office in 2010, called Egorov’s publications “total libel”. However he could not specify what exactly was written there and what was the subject of libel, because “he does not remember”.


Rashit Vagizov

In court Egorov presented accounting documents confirming his accusations. Ex-accountant of ombudsman’s office witnessed and confirmed his data. However court considered Egorov guilty of libel. He was ordered 6 months or suspended sentence. Court also ruled that his computer is a tool of crime and should be destroyed.

Human rights association “AGORA” representing Egorov in court stated they would file an appeal to higher court.

PS. More details in Russian including ex-accountant’s and other witness quotes in court.


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