In Odesa policeman attacked journalist and tried to delete video

Jun 10th, 2011 | By | Category: Freedom of Speech, News, Ukraine

June 10, Odesa, Ukraine. A policeman attacked journalist Julia Gorodetska, grabbed her camera phone and tried to delete her record she took in public place.

Julia who works at information agency “Poryad z vamy” accidentally witnessed how policemen detain a man laying on tram rails and shouting aloud and filmed the scene on her camera phone. See for yourself.

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After the policeman grabbed camera phone Julia told him she is a journalist and asked to show his documents, which he is obliged to do according to law. Policeman did not name himself and did not show documents.

After he considered the record destroyed he passed back the camera phone to Julia. He said “You may record only by permission of our press-service”.

Information agency appealed to prosecutor and police authorities requesting comments and legal actions.

PS. Police in Ukraine is called “Militia”

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