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May 12 our first movie about parliamentary piano players ranked #18 in the world in non-commercial movies on! Thousands shares in as well. See the screenshot below.

Greatest thanks to everyone who distributes it not just for laugh but for the efficient influence onUkrainian Parliament!

Here are the samples of letters sent. Use it as an template.

1. From UK
Dear Theresa Villiers Right Hon. MP for Barnet, North London

As my elected in person  M.P.  may I ask you to request that the UK foreign secretary summon Ukraine’s ambassador to sit, eat a banana, and explain the goings on in this video?
Please let me know the result of your request.


Yours Sincerely
Stepan Pasicznyk


Hello BBC people.

Something for the “Newsnight” TV show or your radio programmes? You won’t believe your eyes, such a blatant abuse of voting in Ukrainian parliament. Maybe “Newsnight” would enjoy this as a comical footnote to close the programme, or more fittingly run an investigatory article on it. After all, one of Ukraine’s parliament members who somehow votes regularly although hardly ever in parliament is a certain Mr. Akhmetov who has just broken the record for buying one of the most expensive properties ever in London. Why not arrange to have a chat with him? I’m sure he would invite you in for a shot of vodka or a cup of tea.

It has been brought to the worlds attention on Youtube by Ukrainian social campaign group where the video below and others are being listed. You may just laugh, were not Ukraine one of the most important geopolitical countries in Europe with everything to win or lose depending on where it goes, back to Moscow’s sphere of influence or towards the EU, and that ladies and gentlemen depends largely on laws and regulations being passed by the “piano players” voting habits at present.

The Ukrainian “Piano players” are caught red handed here voting away using other peoples voting cards in their absence:


Enjoy, ignore at your eventual peril, or be worried. This country, run like a banana republic, or should I say to coin a new phrase, run like a “beetroot republic” is bigger than France and is now being run by a pro Moscow puppet called Yanukovych. Politically it is in the east, true, but in it is to be found Europe’s geographical centre point, and its fate is also central to the security of Europe in the face of the ever aggressive post Soviet “wounded bear”, Russia.

Stepan Pasicznyk

2. From Canada

However it would not hurt to send him (an MP) a note anyways to see if he will act on this by 1) formally asking the Ukrainian Embassy to explain this practice, 2) ask Canada (DFAIT) to take steps to ensure that ratification of all matters pertaining to agreements with Canada is performed by the Verkhovna Rada in a correct Constitutional manner, lest they all be ruled invalid in the future. (ie voting in the presence of and supervision of such votes by, Canada’s Ambassador).
A diplomatic note to that effect will cause the desired embarrassment of the Yanukovych Government.

In a meanwhile we are finishing Polish verion of Banana movie, German and French ones will be next.

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