A Lesson For The European Union

Aug 7th, 2011 | By | Category: European Union, Politics

by Sviatoslav Karavansky

Did somebody have the doubt that Y. Tymoshenko would be arrested, when she was accused by the authoritarian court? In fact, it was the accusation of President Yanukovych himself.

In the course of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych demanded from then-president Kuchma to use guns against the peaceful demonstrations. Should such a person hesitate to arrest anybody?

Should a truly democratic institution try to deal with such a “democrat” and have benefits from such a person?

So, anybody who had a doubt about Yanukovych’s intentions and tried to invite him into the European family of the free nations is guilty indirectly in the arrest of the Ukrainian opposition leader.

The policy of the EU that expressed the desire to see Yanukovych’s Ukraine to be a member of the EU without any preconditions was a factor, which encouraged Yanukovych to revive the Soviet era totalitarianism.

To be a truly European and a truly democratic body, the EU should have treated the Yanukovych regime as the Belarusian regime of Lukashenka. There is no difference between these two regimes.

To be a bastion of democracy, the EU should have been irreconcilable to anyone whose deeds are undemocratic. It is the golden rule of our ancestors to judge a person by his deeds not by his words. The criminals know that the lie is the best means to lull non-criminals and have a benefit from theirs lies. And they did use lies. And some of the European leaders bought these lies.

So, the EU was taught a lesson that the enemies of democracy will never stop deceiving democratic bodies in order to remake democracy after theirs pattern. So, democracy cannot prevail without vigilance.

“Be vigilant, Europe!” – says this lesson.


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