“Big Brother” In Ukraine

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by Sviatoslav Karavansky

Смерть Совку!Millions of Americans enjoy watching the game-show “Big Brother”. 14 volunteers are enclosed in a house for 14 weeks. Nobody has the right to leave the house, only once a week one housemate will be expelled from the house by decision made by the remaining fellows. The last one, who has survived 13 eliminations, wins $ 500,000.

This game is a reality in Ukraine. The Party of Regions is a combination of two factions. One faction, a criminal faction, is frankly pro-Moscow faction. The second faction is an oligarchic faction. It is a pro-European faction.

How were these two factions united? Each of them needs the power. The power rests in the hands of national-democrats. Neither of these two factions can take the power from the national-democrats by itself. So they have united in order to do so. It looks like a scene in “Big Brother”. Partners unite temporarily against starker partners, but after defeating their enemies, the partners become enemies themselves.

It happens that the PR gained the power in Ukraine. At first, both sub-parties were satisfied. However, this satisfaction did not last because both sub-parties had a second goal to achieve. The pro-Moscow party has a second goal to create a Slavic state, which means to unite Russia, Ukraine and Byelorus into one state under, of course, Moscow patronage. One of the main figures of this faction in the PR, one of several deputy premier ministers, Semynozhenko, expressed this wish in the press. The Oligarchs became angry. They had not foreseen such an outcome in their arrangements with Yanukovych when they joined the PR.

The conflict was inevitable. The Oligarchs demanded to discharge Semynozhenko from office. At first, Yanukovych didn’t agree. So, the PR faced a split at the beginning of its triumph (in early 2010). The Oligarchs were inexorable. They joined the PR under the condition that Ukraine will join the EU, in case the PR gains power. Yanukovych’s first foreign presidential visit to Brussels was done in accordance with this arrangement.

The Yanukovych’s presidency had just begun and an inner conflict broke out. It looked disgusting for the future of the new administration. First of all, the conflict should be covered up. The public and the world shouldn’t be aware of this conflict. Mafia managed not to show it to the public. Some time elapsed from the Semynozhenko’s press-debut, and the Supreme Council, where the PR has majority, discharged the deputy premier-minister Semynozhenko. Oligarchs compelled Yanukovych to do so.

Each of partners, when joined together, had one thought: “Let us defeat the national-democrats together. After that, we will do what we want”.
The Moscow-lovers had in mind to create a Slavic state.
The Oligarchs had in mind to concentrate the power in their own hands.
The clock was tickling.

To satisfy Moscow and the Moscow-lovers in his party, Yanukovych expressed his desire to join Custom Union with Russia, Byelorus and Kazakhstan. This was the start of a new collision. Oligarchs protested. Ukraine is a member of the WTO. It means no Custom Unions are possible. Yanukovych was defeated again. He was compelled to abandon the idea of Custom Union at this time in the press.
This struggle inside the PR was unnoticed by the world. The world press was fascinated with the unique unity of the Yanukovych’s administration in comparison to the previous Ukrainian administration.

One year went by. The Victory day 2011 came. Moscow Duma passed a law to expose the red flags on this day. The Supreme Council of Ukraine doubled synchronically the Moscow law.
Yanukovych signed the bill. Which made it clear that he was fully involved in this Moscow provocation.

What was the aim of the red-flag-law?

Apparently, the Moscow secret services prepared a provocation to stir a regional hatred in Ukraine, in particular to stir up the Ukrainian and world Jews against Ukraine and Ukrainians.

One may ask: “What is common between red flags, Victory day, Jews and Ukrainians?”
For average people there is nothing common.

But the secret services have their own philosophy. Moscow secret services in Ukraine and in the world have some connection with pseudo-Jewish organizations whose goal is to promote hatred between Jews and Moscow’s enemies, in particular the Ukrainian patriots. These Jewish pro-Moscow organizations in Ukraine are governed by the ethnic Russians, not by Jews.

Ukrainian administration of the city of Lviv (the main city of Halychyna) banned the exposing the red flags on Victory Day. It was done in order not to disturb the public order in the city.

To defend the red-flag-law some members of the pro-Stalin organizations in Ukraine traveled to Lviv on Victory day-2011 with red flags and tried to march with them in the city. The collision happened. The intruders were compelled to retreat.

Moscow provocation had no success.

To have the revenge Moscow prepared a new plan for the 22nd of June. The pro-Moscow Jewish organization, ruled by no Jews but by ethnic Russians, proclaimed an anti-fascist meeting in Lviv on June 22nd, apparently, with the red flags. The aim was to stir up the Jews against patriotic Ukrainians.

The Yanukovych’s administration was ready to support this plan.

But the Oligarchs stopped it. It happened in two steps.

First step: the Constitutional Court under the influence of Oligarchs proclaimed the red-flag-bill unconstitutional.

Second step: the Jewish Committee of Ukraine, headed by Alexander Feldman, made public a statement, condemning the pro-Moscow provocation and warning the Jews not to support the pseudo-Jewish organizations, ruled by ethnic Russians.

On June 22, the anti-fascist Jewish meeting, planned and prepared by non-Jews in Moscow,
didn’t happen. The stirring up the regional and ethnic hatred in Ukraine didn’t happen.

It is one more example of friction between two factions of the Party of Regions.
May the union of these two sub-parties be productive?
May these frictions happen again?

Of course, they may because Moscow will never stop interfering in the affairs of Ukraine.
Because Russia, under Putin and Medvedev, will try newer and newer attempts to turn Ukraine under full Moscow control.

Will Yanukovych always satisfy the Oligarchs’ desires?
It is hard to predict. Yanukovych is unpredictable.
So, it may happen that Oligarchs should say good-by to Yanukovych and look for some other bonds.

The “Big Brother” in Ukraine is not over yet.

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